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Search Engine Optimization strategies must be balanced no matter what method happens to be your favourite. On-site and off-site SEO factors each have their place of significance and should be given due consideration.

Newcomers to Internet Marketing are very often overwhelmed by information overload and it is not uncommon for their SEO education to be buried somewhere way down the list of priorities. I know. I was in that place when I first started looking at Internet based home business opportunities.

Fortunately for me, I had good mentors who guided me along and helped me learn the basics of marketing, step by step. Early on, I was coached on the purpose of effective SEO and I gained some valuable insight that continues to guide my efforts today. …

I learned that if you want to get your website to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), there are three steps to search engine success and your search engine optimization strategies must be balanced between them.

To begin with, every experienced marketer knows that choosing the right keywords is the first step. Keyword planning must then be followed up with on-site optimization, and in turn, that must be followed up with methods of off-site optimization.

Keyword marketing involves identifying the right keywords and phrases for your website, researching the level of competition for those keywords, choosing the ones most suitable for your purposes and then using them in your on-site and off-site optimization and marketing.

On-site optimization will include areas like the text on your web pages, the number and positioning of the keywords on those pages, links on the pages that point to other pages on your website, certain factors in the HTML of your web pages, and other factors.

Off-site optimization will include areas like the number of backlinks that point to your website and the quality of those links. You may not have complete control over these factors, but you do have some control. For example, when you create backlinks through article marketing, Search Engine Optimization Strategiesguest blogging, social networking and several other methods; in those cases, you get to choose some of the sites where those links will appear, and in some instances, you can also choose which keywords are used as anchor text in the links.

Newer marketers sometimes ask which of these SEO practices is most important and which to place greater focus on. The answer, as noted earlier, is that they each have their purpose and their place, and to be most effective, they must be used in balance. Off-site SEO depends on proper on-site SEO, and that depends on effective keyword research and application. If one area isn’t set up quite well enough, the others will not be as effective.

I have noticed that even experienced Internet Marketers lean towards certain optimization methods because they like those methods better, or they are easier to do. But if you truly want to be successful and want to develop a professional online business, you will see to it that your search engine optimization strategies are balanced. Make it a priority.

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