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Article marketing is an important part of promoting a home based Internet business and we all have our favourite article directories. If you are not already doing it, now is a great time to submit articles free to THIS popular directory.

The directory at contains articles from more than 5,500 writers, authors and marketers. There are categories for just about anything you can think of related to business, marketing, sales and entrepreneurial activity.

Evan’s authors come from all business backgrounds and all levels of experience. If you write articles or have articles written for you, then you should start submitting them to Evan’s directory today. …

There are various reasons for submitting articles to online article directories:

– Some marketers do it to help build their presence on the Internet and to develop their image as an expert or a source of qualified information in their niche;

– Some do it to build backlinks;

– Some use article marketing as a way to generate organic traffic from the search engines;

Submit Articles Free– Some use it to draw traffic directly via the links they place in their author bio information;

– Some post articles in directories simply because they can submit articles free as a form of advertising and promotion.

Whatever your reasons, it just makes sense to include article marketing in your home based Internet business marketing strategy. You don’t have to post a ton of articles all at once if you don’t have the time, but you really should try to post new articles on a regular basis, weekly if you can, to build up a virtual library of them. This is like money in the bank, an investment in your future. The value that your articles create will compound over time.

The website and entrepreneur community gets a lot of traffic every month because it offers value to visitors. The article directory is one feature of the site that keeps people coming back for more. If you have articles, but have not yet submitted them, now is the time for you to submit articles free to this popular directory.

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