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This weekend, we spent a total of eight hours of hard labour (split between two days). The wife and I hauled and stacked more firewood than we can use in our lifetime. It made me think of an analogy for successful Internet marketing.

Two weeks ago, we hired a crew to take down almost 20 old and very tall trees in our front yard and along our driveway. They dropped the trees, cut off all the branches and put them through the wood chipper, and then cut the trunks of the trees into firewood-size logs for us.

This left several huge piles of logs in our front yard! We want to sell the logs for firewood, but we like things neat and tidy, so yesterday and today we manually hauled the logs to one spot beside our driveway and stacked them up nice and neat. By the way, some of the “logs” were bigger around than I could reach my arms! Hard labour. …

We used a wheelbarrow and a two-wheel hand cart to move the firewood and after four hours each day, we were exhausted! The resulting pile of logs ended up being close to four feet deep, four feet high and 45 feet long.

Why did we do the work manually? For the exercise, believe it or not. We could have rented equipment or hired someone to do it, but I wanted the challenge and the exercise. We got both!

Successful Internet Marketing is like that.

Most Internet Marketers start out by doing most of their research and marketing tasks themselves, rather than outsourcing the work. In many cases, this is for reasons of economics. But there is also value in doing it for the experience, training and insight.

Even if you are going to hire someone else to do something, it’s always better to know how it works first so you are in a better position to evaluate their performance.

Five-step Plan for Internet Success

Here is my analogy between piling firewood and building an Internet Marketing business.

In both cases, you need a purpose, a goal, a plan, a target and a schedule.


~ Our purpose for moving the firewood was to get it out of the way for some things we are planning for our yard.

~ Your purpose for Internet Marketing might be to create a business you can call your own and be proud of.


~ Our goal for the firewood was to move it to a spot out of the way and stack it in a presentable fashion (because it might be there for some time!)

~ Your goal for your Internet business might be to replace your day job and provide sufficient income to keep you financially independent for the rest of your life.


~ Our plan for moving the firewood was to use the manual equipment at hand and to work at it at a steady pace without overtaxing our bodies. As best as we could, we separated the three varieties of wood: spruce, pine, poplar.

~ Your plan for successful Internet Marketing might be to set up your own website, find products and/or services to sell in a particular market niche, highlight these products using various forms of content on your site and on other websites, use an autoresponder service to build your email list, and promote your website via article marketing, Social Media Marketing and other recommended methods.


~ Our target for moving our tons of firewood was to get it done yesterday and today, no matter what. (Target achieved!)

~ Your Internet business target might be to have your website set up and your marketing methods in play within a few months so you can start building your brand, your traffic, your mailing list and your sales. Your aim might be to break even within a year and to replace your current job income within three to five years.


~ Our schedule for piling wood involved getting out there by about two o’clock each day and working no more than four hours each day. (We both LOVE the sun and have no trouble working in the heat.) We took short breaks approximately every hour.

~ Your Internet Marketing schedule might be to work your business three or four hours each evening: the more you put into it, the faster you will see results. You might schedule a certain amount of time for each task or marketing method, for example, write content for an hour, spend an hour or so on various social sites, devote an hour or so to studying the best practices of marketing or going through a personal development program. If you set a schedule for your activities and follow it, you will be more productive and your efforts will be more successful.

Purpose, Goal, Plan, Target, Schedule: Organizing your activities or your business with these five steps helps you to be focused and in better control of all things you do, whether your purpose is to build a successful Internet Marketing business, or simply to move and stack tons of firewood in your yard!

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