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Real Internet income is possible, but overnight success and easy online income is a far bigger myth than the majority of income opportunity promoters are willing to admit. Their tactic is to entice you with wild dreams rather than reality.

That is why so many people fail to achieve their financial dreams online and become so discouraged and disillusioned: they are chasing unrealistic dreams.

Actually, earning income online IS easy! The hard part is making ENOUGH of it to become financially independent and completely self-sufficient. …

Anybody can set up a website and add things like affiliate banners and Google AdSense, etc., to earn a few dollars in commissions now and then. That is one way to make money online, but it doesn’t add up to very much . . . unless you include the not-so-secret ingredient: tons of targeted website traffic!

But the average Internet Marketer doesn’t have the experience or the skill or the financial resources to “go big” and invest in the kind of advertising that can draw huge numbers of targeted website traffic.

Most marketers try to use free or cheap methods to market their businesses and end up getting frustrated with the poor results. Over time, if you stick with it and as you get experience, your results will gradually improve, but in the beginning, most marketers experience frustration.

Real Internet Income NOT a Myth

Real Internet IncomeMy recommendation for dealing with the Internet income challenge is to find a solid Affiliate Marketing company, make a commitment to it, learn the business, apply what you learn, and plan to stick with it and stay focused long enough to make your investment pay off.

The majority of marketers don’t seem to understand the wisdom in that process. They want to believe in the myth of overnight success without investing effort or resources and, as a result, they keep jumping from one unbelievable scheme to another.

I say find a reputable company with a proven track record and hitch your wagon to their star! Ride along with them, learn from them, follow their lead and you will eventually succeed.

I have found an affiliate company like that and it is called the SFI Marketing Group.

I first joined SFI as an affiliate in 2007, but I was not focused and did not stick with it. In 2012, after trying a whole lot of other Internet income opportunities and not experiencing any real success, I re-opened my SFI account and gave the marketing plan a very thorough review. Equipped with more experience and more insight, I could see that compared to all of the other plans I had been involved with, SFI was definitely a leader.

Don’t get me wrong. Unless you are experienced or very talented, you will not create financial independence overnight with SFI. It takes time to learn the business, apply what you learn, and get good at doing it.

But you can very easily begin earning a few dollars each month and then work on increasing it, month by month, as you follow the training and the recommended methods of marketing.

SFI is free to join and there are no purchase requirements. Once you are a registered affiliate, you get full access to an impressive array of free online training resources and free marketing resources.

If you are serious about financial independence and you can commit to the plan and stay focused on your goals, then everything you need for affiliate marketing success is provided. You just need to bring the desire and the willingness to put in the necessary effort.

The formula for success with SFI can be summed up in one word: Duplication

You learn and follow the recommended steps to success. You recruit and coach a few determined leaders to duplicate the same process. You coach them to teach the duplication process to their leaders.

The process is simple to explain, but it does take time and effort to learn it and to get good at applying it. For most affiliates, finding leaders may be the biggest challenge, but through focus and determination, it is possible.

I can tell you from experience that making a little money online is easy, but earning real Internet income, the kind necessary for financial independence, is not so easy. Do you think you are up to the challenge?

If yes, then please, join my SFI team now and let’s get to work on designing your future.

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Real Internet Income

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