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I am excited to announce this new eBook, The Top 25 Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic, available at no cost to subscribers to my new Website Traffic Tips Newsletter! The eBook offers almost 20 pages of immediately useable strategies.

From personal experience, and from discussions with Internet home business marketers of all experience levels, I know that one of the biggest challenges facing most online marketers today is getting adequate volumes of traffic to a website.

Now, with this free eBook, anybody can learn and quickly apply the traffic methods and techniques used by the pros in the industry. . . .

The Top 25 Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic eBook explains that traffic is the one element of Internet Marketing that can truly make or break an online business. And while some marketers do attempt to pump up their traffic stats by purchasing “guaranteed visitors”, that is not a proven way to generate sales and it could actually end up having a negative effect on your business.

Targeted traffic is what a website needs.

Experienced marketers have been testing various methods of getting targeted traffic for years and they have distilled the process down to a select line-up of proven techniques that work consistently no matter what the topic or niche of a website is. This eBook covers the top 25.

The eBook begins with an explanation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and some specific insight into Title tags, Heading tags, keywords in the content, image ALT tags, and offsite SEO.

Get Free Website TrafficTraffic Method #2 focuses on the purpose and value of building backlinks, offering some recommended tips and suggestions.

Method #3 covers the finer points of Article Marketing and lists a selection of recommended article directories.

Other ways to get free website traffic include Press Releases, Video Marketing, creating Feeder sites, Viral Marketing, Tell a Friend scripts, writing Product Reviews and many more. Each method includes clear explanations and examples.

Each of the methods is presented independently: you can pick and choose which methods best suit your needs and interests. Or you can go through the list one by one from top to bottom or jump around as you see fit.

The best thing about it is the eBook is free! Just enter your name and email address and within minutes you will be reading the eBook and picking up some great inspiration.

Check out The Top 25 Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic eBook right now. It costs you nothing, takes only moments to get it, and will make a huge difference in the quality and volume of traffic you get to your website. Take a minute and do it now.

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Get Free Website Traffic

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