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Home business enthusiasts often like to write reviews for the products they promote and if this sounds like you, then here are some traffic tips for product review websites. After all, who doesn’t appreciate more free visitors?

Getting more free website traffic is the aim of most methods of marketing. Making a sale is the ultimate aim, but driving traffic to your site is where it all begins. Product reviews are suitable for the purpose and have become a very popular attraction among consumers.

If you include certain elements in your review, as done by marketing pros, you stand to gain increased traffic as well as repeat traffic, as happy visitors bookmark your site so they can return another day to check on what’s new. …

Before writing a review for your site or for other product review websites, it would obviously help if you were familiar with the product. The best review will come from personal experience, that is, if you own or have used the product.

If you don’t have the product, or have not personally used or tested it, then you must rely on other sources of information. You can use search engines to find the information you need, but do not simply copy information posted by other people. Use it only as the basis for your own review. Write your article in your own words, from your own perspective.

Tips For Product Review WebsitesAlthough you may want to present the product in its best light, be careful not to be too enthusiastic. Keep your article from being ‘promotional’ in tone. Readers will trust and appreciate your review more if you provide them with balanced details and insight. Look for both positives and potential negatives to share with your readers.

The more fact and detail you can provide, the better, but include only facts that can be verified or proven by other sources. The same goes for guarantees and statistics. They must come from a qualified and verifiable source or your readers may not believe them to be true.

While product reviews may come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the writer’s style and purpose for the review, there are a few basic elements that would be good to include in your reviews:

– Product Summary

– Features and Benefits

– Some Positives and some Negatives

– Support Provided (where applicable)

– Price or Pricing alternatives

– Your personal experience, insight and/or opinion of the product

– Photo, Image or Graphic (where applicable and suitable)

Write in a friendly but authoritative style and stay focused on the product. Don’t be tempted to add information about other products or other marketing experiences or insights.

Optimize the review as you would any marketing article; use your keywords in the title, in the first sentence, and once or twice more in the article. Your keywords for a review article might be “Review of Product XYZ” or “Product XYZ Review” where ‘Product XYZ’ is the name of your product. If you include an image, place your keywords in the alt text for the image.

These have been the basic traffic tips for product review websites. My final recommendation is this: put yourself in the reader’s place and write the article from their perspective. What do they truly need to know to make an informed choice?

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