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How’s a guy supposed to get any work done with so many distractions? Building and maintaining a successful Internet business is tough enough without extracurricular activities taking a person’s attention away.

A few weeks ago we hired a crew to take down a bunch of trees in our front yard. This week we had roofers here re-shingling the roof. Today they are jackhammering out some old cement steps in preparation for some other exterior work we are planning.

On top of all that, we are expecting another grandchild any time now and although it is a few weeks early, we’ve already had a few false alarms and trips to the hospital. Hey. You know what? That’s all part of life and responsibility.

But what does this have to do with building a successful Internet business? Please read on …

There’s no way of getting around it: life is going happen to you no matter how well your plans are laid out. If you prepare yourself for this in advance, you will be able to handle it more effectively (read: more calmly) and you will still be able to keep yourself moving towards your goals.

Many of us who are home business enthusiasts seek to build a business online in order to create a steady second (or first!) income. Many factors go into starting a successful Internet business, including goal setting, creating a business plan, getting some additional marketing training and then establishing a daily and weekly “work” schedule to get the project moving forward.

One of the biggest challenges that I see online marketers face, whether they are new to the business or experienced, is knowing how to get it all set up properly and then knowing which marketing methods should be used and how to use them.

The answer to this challenge is to find a source for professional training, resources and support. Finding and using such a source serves two very clear purposes: first, it gives you the training and the game plan you need; second, it provides you with a safety net when life threatens to interfere with your plans and knock you off your track to online success.

The first part of that is a no-brainer: with the proper training and a defined game plan, you will accelerate your success. You can take years off of the learning curve and get yourself into profit so much sooner.

The second part – the safety net – is what I am writing about today.

Life is going to happen and if you don’t have a safety net in place to hold you up and keep you focused and on track with your business plans and goals, it could all fall apart on you. You get distracted, disinterested and discouraged and could easily forget where you are on your path to financial independence. That makes it harder to return to when the distractions of life settle down and let you get back to business.

If you have a plan in place, or a blueprint for business development, it will take you minutes, not hours or days, to get refocused on your marketing efforts and back on track with your daily routine. Time is money, as they say, and you don’t want to waste any of your valuable time just trying to decide where to begin.

There are a number of membership sites online that can provide you with the training, resources and support you need to build and maintain a successful Internet business. I recommend you look at the features and benefits of the Affiliate Power Group (APG). I’ve been a member for years and I can tell you that without the APG to fall back on, I would never have been able to stay focused on and committed to my home-based online business.

The jackhammer may be pounding outside my door and I may have one ear glued to the telephone waiting to hear about grandchild number six, but I know that through it all, when I turn my attention back to my Internet business, I only need to take up where I left off, thanks to the training I have received from the Affiliate Power Group.

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