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Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. I’ve been promoting the GetResponse email autoresponder system for years because of the value, but I completely forgot there is a FREE TRIAL OFFER for those who want to test it first!

The primary purpose of an autoresponder is to help you automate your email marketing and simplify the technical aspects of it. I can’t imagine what home based Internet Marketers did before systems like GetResponse were made widely available.

When you use GetResponse, you can quickly create professional newsletters designed for email. It takes just minutes to create and send them to your subscriber list and then the system will track the results for you. It’s a great way to test the effectiveness of your presentations and pitches. …

What I appreciate the most about GetResponse is that I can load up a series of email messages, set to be delivered at intervals, and when prospects sign up for that campaign, Email Autoresponderthe system just automatically starts sending the email messages to them at the designated intervals.

Most of my email campaigns are set up with enough messages to go out a couple of times a week for three, six or approximately 12 months, but you can set up a campaign with as many or as few messages as you want and you can set them at intervals of your choice; daily, weekly, whatever!

If you don’t know much about these automated systems, or if you aren’t sure you will like GetResponse, then you can try the GR email autoresponder system FREE for 30 days. Take it for a test run. To do this, just visit the info page and click the “Try It Free” button.

Your test drive will reward you with some valuable information and insight that will be beneficial to your efforts as an Internet Marketer.

Every online marketer should use an email autoresponder to help automate their email marketing. It saves time and effort and can improve the profitability of your marketing efforts. That is the professional way to go!

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