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In my previous Home Business blog post, I covered the first of two ways that I have been building my affiliate income with the SFI Marketing Group. In that post, I wrote about the benefits of Co-Sponsored Affiliates.

Today, I will write about Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA). As the name indicates, these are affiliates that you personally recruit or sponsor into your SFI business.

There are several ways to attract, recruit and sponsor new members onto your SFI team, but I will highlight only two of them in this post. They are, one, purchasing guaranteed sign-ups from qualified suppliers, and two, winning PSAs in the Pricebenders auctions on the shopping site. …

First, a word about recruiting or sponsoring in general. The SFI marketing plan has a network marketing structure, but the compensation plan is unique in the industry and very likely different from most other compensation plans you may have seen.

Where it is similar is in the fact that in order to expand and accelerate your income potential, you must build a network or team of affiliates.

Yes, you can make some very good money selling any of the more than 100,000 products and services listed in the TripleClicks store, but it makes so much more sense to leverage your efforts through team development, thereby earning income and bonuses based on team effort and activity.

SFI Business OpportunityIn other words, duplication: you recruit new affiliates and train them to duplicate the steps to success that you are following.

Now, what about those two things I mentioned at the beginning of this post?

Buying guaranteed sign-ups and winning PSAs at Pricebenders

Each month for almost a year I have been purchasing batches of guaranteed SFI sign-ups through qualified sellers listed on the TripleClicks site. The reason I do this is to accelerate the growth of my team and my income. I could spend the same amount of money on direct advertising but with no guarantee that I would get the same results. On the other hand, when I purchase sign-ups, I know I will get the number I paid for, plus they will be delivered within a certain time frame.

One note about recruiting, whether it is through your own personal efforts or from sign-ups you purchase from a seller: just because you sponsor someone into your business, it doesn’t mean they will be active. It is not uncommon to have to recruit lots of people to find a few business builders.

I market through traditional methods and I supplement my marketing through purchased sign-ups from TripleClicks vendors. I think it is good to diversify your methods.

Next, winning Personally Sponsored Affiliates in Pricebenders Penny Auctions.

In the first post in this two-part series, I mentioned how I have won Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) in the Pricebenders auctions. I have also won Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) in the auctions.

The PSAs that you win in these auctions are for your SFI business. They come from advertising or advertising co-ops that SFI participates in. What I like about these PSAs is that they are pre-qualified as seekers of Internet income opportunities.

Even so, there are still no guarantees that they will be active in the business. They are opportunity seekers just like any others who sometimes join a business to get inside access to see how it works. From there, they make a decision whether to stay or to go.

Your chance of keeping these affiliates interested and motivated can be improved if you learn to become an awesome sponsor. Training for this is provided by SFI, free to affiliates.

Winning PSAs in the auctions can be even more challenging than winning CSAs. You earn a higher commission percentage on purchases made by your PSAs than you do on purchases made by your CSAs, so everybody tries hard to win the PSA auctions.

Currently, I have many more CSAs on my SFI marketing team than I do PSAs because I receive many more CSAs through my monthly qualifications and from the auctions than I do new PSAs from the methods highlighted in this post. Doesn’t matter to me because I place great value and appreciation in my team members whether they are PSAs or CSAs.

Network Marketing is a great way to create Internet income, but the key to success is team building and duplication. There is much more to success than simply recruiting new affiliates, but to truly accelerate your efforts you do need to build an active team and to do this, you really must consider and employ a variety of methods.

Building my team with Personally Sponsored Affiliates and Co-Sponsored Affiliates in the ways mentioned in these posts has been effective and rewarding for me.

The SFI business opportunity has a great 15-year history. Perhaps you should look at joining my team and duplicating the team-building techniques I have highlighted here? You can do it!

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