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It has become a real challenge for Internet Marketers to fully understand and apply the optimization rules for getting listed in the search engine results. But we still need visitors, so with or without the search engines, we need to find a way.

Search engine optimization has become “technical” once again and as a result, it is easy to get your site, or keywords for your site, delisted or banned from the search engines.

It has gotten to the point where a lot of marketers online have given up on organic traffic from the search engines and are simply focusing on other ways to attract traffic to their website. Here are a few website traffic tips for 2014. …

Perhaps one of the best ways to get targeted traffic is through Social Networking. Personally, I find that when I am active on Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, IM faceplate and others, I see my traffic statistics rise.

When you make yourself known on social sites as an active participant, other members just naturally want to know more about you. When you set up your profile on a site, be certain to make it clear what kind Internet or home business activity or products you promote.

Forum posting is similar to networking on social sites and while forums may not be as popular as they once were, they still give you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your field and rub shoulders with prospective customers.

Internet MarketingFind forums where you think your targeted prospects might hang out, join the community and start interacting in a meaningful way with the other members.

Guest Blogging and blog commenting used to be very popular ways to draw targeted website traffic and potentially create some backlinks. Unfortunately, both Guest Blogging and many other forms of creating backlinks have come under fire from the search engines.

Even so, if it is traffic you want, then writing guest posts for other blogs can still be a worthwhile endeavour. However, make sure your post is relative to the audience of the blog site, is written well and is filled with beneficial, meaningful information. Also, make the post exclusive to the blog site you are writing it for. Do not submit articles that have already been published elsewhere and do not submit that post to other sites. Keep it exclusive to that site and therefore unique.

Article Marketing is still a great way to attract targeted traffic, but be aware that the search engine rules for backlinks included with article directory submissions have become very strict. Do not use the same keywords in the anchor text of the links in the author resource boxes for every directory site you submit to. Use a variety of keywords for your anchor text. Also, make sure the article is written very well and contains useful information.

And the final website traffic tip for today: Advertising.

You can find endless sources of free advertising online and many great sources for paid advertising. Free advertising takes a bigger time commitment because you have to find the sources and set up the ads, and then keep repeating the process continually. Paid advertising allows you to choose a better targeted audience and you can pay to have your ads scheduled when you want them. Either way, it takes planning and monitoring.

Those are a few good ways to work on getting more traffic to your website in 2014. I recommend that you also read up on the current state of search engine optimization so you can implement the proper rules for getting your site into the search results. But don’t rely on the search engines. Make certain to get other traffic methods rolling along for you as well.

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