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What is Google Page Rank? Most marketers know that it is a link assessment algorithm used by the Google search engine to determine the significance of a web page. It was named in tribute to Google co-founder, Larry Page.

Everybody wants a simplified explanation of what Page Rank is, but in reality the algorithm is far more complicated than people realize. In fact, it defies easy definition.

Still, the debate goes on as to which search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are best used to help improve a site’s Page Rank and it’s positioning in the search engines. Some techniques seem to work for some marketers sometimes.

However, as we all know, the Page Rank algorithm is subject to periodic adjustment and we can never know for sure exactly which SEO factors we should be focusing on at a given time to get the best results. …

In the eBook, Google Traffic Tips, Tactics and Strategies, a somewhat technical explanation is given to answer the question of what is Google Page Rank.

It states, in part, that Page Rank “is utilized by Google’s search engine to ascribe a numbered weighting to every part of hyperlinked document groups … with the objective of gauging its contextual importance in the set.”

What is Google Page RankThat explanation doesn’t really give a lot of insight. It is no wonder that it is so challenging to explain, since Google Page Rank takes into consideration more than five million factors and two billion terms!

Sometimes the simple answer is still the best: Page Rank is an assessment tool used to determine the significance of a webpage (compared to other web pages and a variety of factors).

We all know that some websites earn much greater significance in the search engines. Google considers these to be “essential pages” and as authority sites, greater value is ascribed to them.

Since a hyperlink to a page counts as a vote of support, if you can get a backlink from an authority site, it can help to improve the value of your site. The more such backlinks, the better it is for you.

The eBook noted above also states that Google combines Page Rank with “highly developed text matching processes to locate web pages which are both essential and highly relevant to a search.”

That is why it is so important for a web page to be optimized for specific keywords and content. Proper optimization will move the page higher in the search engine results rankings. Additionally, the more tightly focused a website is on a particular niche or theme, the greater chance it will have of getting backlinks from related authority sites.

Your aim as a website owner is to continually improve the content and the optimization of your web pages so the search engines will ascribe greater value and significance to them. Also, you must continually work at building quality backlinks.

What is Google Page Rank to me? Forget the technical explanations! Personally, I just use it as a way to motivate myself to work harder at improving the quality of my website and my overall marketing efforts. It is all aimed at getting more traffic because more traffic means more sales. Check out Google Traffic Tips, Tactics and Strategies for some great ideas and inspiration.

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