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A huge restructuring is taking place in the online marketing world and now more than ever you need an Internet Marketing mentor. There are just too many changes taking place for the average marketer to keep up with.

The search engines have been making major changes to how they view, assess and rank websites. Laws and regulations governing online business and marketing practices have been or are being tightened up. Even the popular social networking sites are restructuring or refocusing their services and applications.

As a result of these changes, the best practices of online business and marketing are shifting and methods and processes that worked fine yesterday no longer work as well today. Search engine optimization in general and backlinking in particular are perfect examples. …

Website owners who do not know or do not understand the changes and what to do about them are seeing their traffic and sales drop to nothing. In many cases, it is the exact methods that used to bring them success that are now hurting and endangering their businesses.

Internet Marketing MentorYou can spend a lot of time searching the Internet for info, insight and solutions to these challenges, or you can fast track the process by taking up with a qualified Internet Marketing mentor.

This type of mentoring is nothing new. Smart marketers and business people have recognized the value of mentors for centuries. If you look as far back in history as the records allow, you will see people seeking and benefiting from the advice of mentors throughout all sectors of society, including business.

Most achievers attribute their success to the guidance or support of at least one mentor. Even people at the top of their professions or industries find someone with more experience to provide some degree of mentorship.

A good mentor will understand and respect your interests and goals and will coach you to become a leader in your field. They will point you to best practices for success and help you identify and avoid problem areas and mistakes that might otherwise take you years to overcome on your own.

Personally, I have had several mentors in life and in business and I know from experience that you can save a lot of time and headaches by turning to an experienced mentor for advice rather than muddling through circumstances on your own.

If you are feeling challenged by the overwhelming changes that have been affecting your online business, then let me recommend the Affiliate Power Group (APG), a membership site where active marketers gather for coaching, mentorship, marketing resources and general encouragement in their businesses.

The wealth of resources and training available on the APG site are second to none and the mentors and fellow members are available and accessible, giving you the daily support you need to keep up with the ever-changing world of online business. It is all well worth the cost of membership.

If your business is going to survive, you need to get serious about it. You need a qualified Internet Marketing mentor now. Take action today and make that investment in your future.

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