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You may have read my previous posts about this, but let me show you how easy it is to launch your own garage sale online. This is a great way to clean out your closets, your attic, your basement, whatever, and make some money online.

All you do is sign up (free) as a member of our very popular e-commerce shopping site, list the items you want to sell, ship the items when they sell and collect your payment once shipping has been confirmed.

To help get you started, let me give you a free listing credit. Click the link, fill in the form, submit it and you’re in! …

What can you sell on this awesome e-commerce site? Tons of stuff!

We currently have 28 different product categories with more than 81,000 products and services listed. Whatever you’ve got cluttering up your home, if it is in reasonable, usable condition, you can sell it here and make some extra cash. Get your free listing credit now!

Do you have any antiques or collectibles? How about clothing, books, electronics, jewelry, CDs, DVDs, computer or phone accessories, tools, toys or baby stuff? Don’t see a category here for your items? Don’t worry because there are many more categories on the list to choose from. You should check it out!

Garage Sale OnlineWho will you sell your stuff to?

Well, for starters your listings could potentially be viewed by any of our 1.6 million members. You know that somebody somewhere wants what you have to offer. You just need to get it listed so our members can find it.

Also, if you are into marketing online, or if you are involved in any of the hundreds of social networks, you can get a link to your garage sale online and post it on your website, in your blogs, on your social sites or wherever else you are authorized to post it, and send enthusiastic visitors to your listings page.

You can even get links to the individual items if you want to focus on selling something specific.

How do you get paid?

Our e-commerce shopping site makes it simple. The site offers your customers a variety of secure payment methods. They choose items to buy and their preferred payment method. After they pay, you get a notice that payment has been securely received and then you ship the product. Once shipping has been confirmed, the site releases the funds to you.

That’s it. The process is easy and the directions are simple. Just sign up (free) and start the process of listing your first item. Click this link now to get your free listing credit.

Now that you know how to launch your own garage sale online, it’s time for you to go find something to sell and get it listed. After all, paying customers are waiting!

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Garage Sale Online

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