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What if you could make money online referring small and medium commercial businesses to a popular e-commerce shopping site? And not just a few referral dollars, but residual sales commissions on everything they sell for life?

Consider the potential of this. I mean, truly think about it. There are countless small and medium sized businesses either looking for a way to start selling their products or services on the Internet or ways to expand their existing Internet Marketing reach.

You can help them do this and when you do, you can earn residual commissions on everything they sell for as long as they keep selling on this site. Consider the potential. …

The shopping site I am talking about is The referral program I am recommending to you today is called the E-Commerce Associates program (ECA).

The process for you to take part in and benefit from the ECA program is very simple and there is NO cost or ANY obligation for you to purchase anything:

e-Commerce | Make Money Online1. Become an affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group (there is no cost or purchase requirements). (The ECA program is just one of several ways to earn real Internet income with SFI.)

2. Review the ECA program details and training sections so you know how it works and how to market it to small and medium commercial business prospects.

3. Using the free marketing resources provided by SFI, invite potential ECAs to consider the benefits of the program.

4. When interested ECAs that you refer complete the ECA application process and have been accepted into the program, they can begin listing and selling their products or services on the e-commerce shopping site. Your work with that ECA is finished!

5. Every time one of your ECAs sells something at TripleClicks, you earn a sales commission of 10% of the Commission Volume (CV) on the item. CV is determined by the product’s margin: that is the difference between the product’s wholesale/base cost and the price the product sells for.

Note: If YOU promote and sell any of your ECA’s products, the commission you earn gets bumped up to 55% of the CV, but that is just another option and entirely your choice. It is explained in the ECA training section.

The great thing about the ECA program is that all you have to do is introduce it to good ECA prospects. When they join and begin selling their items, you automatically earn commissions. There is nothing more you need to do. And your ECA commissions will continue for as long as your ECA remains a member of the program and as long as you remain an SFI affiliate.

So, what do you think? Sounds like a win-win opportunity, doesn’t it? You join SFI free, use the free marketing resources provided, sign up some ECAs and then sit back and watch the sales commissions start flowing into your account!

What makes a good ECA prospect? Any small or medium commercial business that has items that can be sold on the Internet! Some restrictions apply on what can be sold, just as with any reputable e-commerce shopping site.

Where will you find prospective ECA businesses? You might know of them locally or on the Internet. You might find them through business directories or by advertising online or offline. You might be a member of an organization or business association with members who will be interested in the ECA program. ECA prospects are literally everywhere!

The potential is limitless and there are no hoops to jump through to earn your sales commissions once your ECAs are approved and begin selling their products at TripleClicks. An item sells; you earn the commission. If YOU sell the item; you earn a bigger commission. That’s it!

Now, what businesses do you know about that may be interested in the ECA program? Make a list, join the SFI Marketing Group affiliate program, start prospecting, and prepare to develop a very comfortable pipeline for ongoing residual income!

That’s how to make money online referring commercial businesses.

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e-Commerce | Make Money Online

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