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This is the second in a six part series sharing with you some of the ways you can earn real Internet income in 2014. Part One covered Direct Commissions with the SFI affiliate marketing opportunity.

Today, I will tell you about the TripleClicks Executive Pool. For most affiliates, income from the Executive Pool starts out small and grows, month by month, as your affiliate team grows. It may take time, but the process and the end results can be powerful.

In part one of this series, I mentioned how the TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site is filled with many thousands of products and services that affiliates with the SFI Marketing Group can promote and sell to earn direct commissions. …

You earn direct commissions when customers you personally refer make purchases and you earn direct commissions when SFI affiliates you have personally sponsored make purchases.

Real Internet IncomeHere is where the TripleClicks Executive Pool is different, and where it can mean a lot to you as a focused and dedicated SFI affiliate: You can qualify to earn monthly shares in the pool and the more shares you earn, the more income you earn.

The way you earn shares in the pool is by accumulating VersaPoints (VP) in the SFI compensation plan. The more VP you accumulate, the more shares you earn. Although there are numerous ways to earn VP, I will just mention today how it relates directly to the TripleClicks site.

It is very simple: A portion of money from EVERY item that is sold at TripleClicks is placed into the Executive Pool and then divided amongst qualifying affiliates at the end of every month. I have personally received income from the TC Executive Pool every month since I became seriously active with the program almost 16 months ago.

SFI affiliates can visit the SFI Affiliate Center to read about the formula used to determine what percentage of the sale of a product goes into the Executive Pool. SFI membership is free and there are no purchase requirements. You can sign up, sign in and get immediate access to all the training and marketing resources in the Affiliate Center.

Now, back to earning VersaPoints (VP). You can earn VP by doing certain daily activities in the SFI Affiliate Center; also by making personal purchases, or by making sales to personally referred TripleClicks customers; and (here is the big one) you can earn Matching VersaPoints from members of the affiliate marketing team that you develop.

Matching VP means that as you sponsor other affiliates into the SFI affiliate program, and as you and they achieve certain leadership levels, you can qualify to receive matching VP equivalent to the amount of VP THEY earned that month!

The reason that Matching VP is so powerful is because SFI allows you to recruit other affiliates who do the same, and you can earn Matching VP earned by qualifying leaders down through 12 levels or generations in your group. It can take you some time and effort to build your team that deep, but when you do, the Executive Pool results can be substantial.

There are other ways to increase or accelerate the VP you earn in a month, but to keep this post from becoming too complicated, I will save them for later where they will make more sense. For example, the matching VP you can earn from Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) that are awarded to you by SFI!

Watch for Part Three in this six part series on ways to make money online in 2014, where I will explain what CSAs are, several ways you can get them, and how they can increase your monthly SFI income in a big way.

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Real Internet Income

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