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Success means different things to different people, and there are a variety of areas in our lives to consider, from personal success, to family success, spiritual success, business success, social success. Defining success can cover a lot of territory!

Today, I will focus on business and marketing success: Internet Marketing, to be exact.

There was a time a number of years ago when I thought that my whole purpose for starting and building a home-based Internet business was to make money online. After a couple of years of trying to learn the business, struggling along and not making much progress, I started to realize something about myself and my Internet income goals. …

It turns out there is greater depth to my hopes and dreams for personal achievement than even I realized in the beginning!

I discovered that money wasn’t truly the object of my efforts. Making money was simply a by-product of the process and a measurement of my progress.

In reality, what really gave me a sense fulfillment was the personal growth I experienced. In other words, I was learning new skills and enhancing my existing writing and marketing skills. These are things that give me a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction than monetary rewards alone could provide.

Not that I don’t appreciate making sales and earning income from my efforts! The purpose of business is to make money and if you aren’t making money from your business after a reasonable amount of time, then it is simply a hobby.

Make Money OnlineBut I came to realize that the learning and personal growth and the successful application of what I was learning were just as important as the income it produced.

The other thing that I came to realize is that building a successful business, even online, takes time. It also requires patience, dedication, focus, commitment and endurance. So, if you are going to follow your dream, stick with it and be patient until you reach your goals, then it is a good thing to like and enjoy what you are doing or you will soon fall away.

If you fade away or give up, then you lose all of the investment of time and resources that you have put into the thing up to that point; where is the profit or benefit in that?

So, be sure to have a definite purpose, a clear vision, well-defined goals, a carefully crafted action plan and the determination to stay focused and committed for the duration.

Your dedication will eventually pay off. I have a couple of marketing related things I started a few years ago that, while they looked like they were wasted effort for a long time, they are starting to pay dividends now, this year. That is only because my purpose and vision were clear, I believed in what I was doing, and why I was doing it, and I continued to devote time to doing the necessary actions to keep those things going.

If you are doing it only for the money, unless you have a real talent for marketing and sales, you are going to go through some frustrating times that will challenge your belief in yourself and your commitment to your financial goals. You need to have a greater purpose for your efforts than just the money.

For me, defining success means looking at it from all angles, both personal and financial. I have some financial goals yet to achieve, and in some ways, they still seem very far off. But on a personal level, I have come a long way in my Internet Marketing education and I now know that I am definitely on the right track!

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