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Successful people exemplify a variety of qualities and habits and the one that seems to always be at the top of most lists is “focus.” Talk to high achievers and they will tell you that focus is pivotal for maximum personal achievement.

Brian Tracy tells us that successful people develop positive habits that support their major goals. He points out that the good habits we adopt influence our effectiveness, how much we earn, how much recognition and respect we get and even how much satisfaction we enjoy in the things we do.

Many of Brian’s personal achievement programs highlight the purpose and value and critical importance of developing the habits of focus and concentration. He notes that these two qualities can be applied to all areas of our life, whether personal or business. …

The sad thing is most people are unorganized, unfocused and easily distracted. What’s worse is many don’t realize this is a problem and even if they did, they wouldn’t know how to change or correct it.

The good thing is it is relatively easy and inexpensive to learn and develop new habits that can improve your productivity and accelerate your progress and your success.

The first step is recognizing the need or desire for change. Obviously, we are not going to take any new steps forward unless there is some clear motivation for it.

Personal AchievementIf we can see that we have run into a roadblock in our life, that there is something holding us back from greater personal achievement and success, then we might be motivated to do something about it. The desire to do better, achieve more and enjoy greater personal satisfaction is often the incentive that gives us purpose and focus.

The second step is identifying what it is that needs to be improved or changed. This takes a bit of personal introspection and honesty and can sometimes be a challenge. That is why so many fail to get beyond this step; they don’t want to face up to reality and take responsibility for their future. Or they keep procrastinating, putting it off, hoping that the current situation will improve on its own.

The third step, after deciding on the skill or quality or habit that needs to be developed, is determining clear goals for its achievement. Know what it is, what the results will look or feel like and how to measure your progress. Clarity is what focus is all about. Be clear so you know what you are working towards and will know when you have achieved it.

The real value of clarity is how it keeps you focused on doing only the tasks necessary to get the job done. Without focus, you waste time and energy on non-essential and unproductive tasks.

The fourth step is concentration. Concentration means focusing only on the goal and on the key tasks and sticking with it until the goal is achieved. That level of dedication and commitment is where many people fall away. They get tired or bored, or they become discouraged by the effort or responsibility required or by the uncertainty of achieving the goal.

Successful people understand that these challenges and potential obstacles will occur and they set their minds at the outset to stay focused and persevere through everything. Again, that is the value of clarity: it gives focus to your concentration.

Your ultimate goal should be maximum personal achievement in everything you do. Your journey will be easier and quicker if you develop strong, positive, supportive habits. The habit of “focus” is pivotal to all areas of success.

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