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In yesterday’s blog post, Goal-Setting with the New Psychology of Achievement, we left off asking what it is that is holding you back from success. Today, I will carry on with that idea, but be forewarned, this could be painful.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is you are totally responsible for your life and everything that happens to you, and if you are not making sufficient progress towards your goals, you have only yourself to answer to.

In other words, as Brian Tracy tells us in Session 5 of his excellent audio program on the New Psychology of Achievement, you must take personal responsibility for your future and you must look within for the roadblocks and bottlenecks that may be holding you back. …

Take a moment to be perfectly honest with yourself and consider what is in you right now that may be holding you back from success in any of the four key areas of your life: Income; Family; Health; Your Net Worth

You may have specific goals in some or all of those areas. If you aim to be a high achiever, you will have goals in each of those areas.

Considering your goals, what is in you that may be holding you back?
Goal Attainment
In yesterday’s blog post, I highlighted Brian’s observation that some things that could be holding you back might be a lack of certain skills that you need, or certain personal qualities or characteristics, or possibly some specialized knowledge or training or education. These are all things that you are responsible for, that you have control over, and that you must take action to identify and address.

More than that, you must take decisive action, making it an immediate priority. After all, your future depends on it and time is slipping away.

This type of personal analysis can sometimes be painful. It can be difficult to examine one’s self in such an intimate and intense manner and therefore, for some people, recognizing or admitting the internal roadblocks may not be easy.

How do you identify the obstacles that must be overcome to achieve a goal? Brian says, “The way you identify your obstacle is you ask, ‘Why aren’t you already at your goal?’”

Remember, the answer is internal, not external. Don’t point your finger at outside influences: YOU are responsible for your life. Look within for the roadblocks and bottlenecks.

Be honest with yourself and make it a journey of personal discovery. If you are honest and diligent, this exercise and the process of personal development will make you stronger and far more productive and successful.

Here are a few goal-setting tips and suggestions paraphrased from Brian’s audio program:

~ Decide exactly what you want. Create some clearly defined goals. Make them specific, detailed and measurable.

~ Put each goal in writing and set a specific deadline. If the goal is big enough, set sub-deadlines.

~ Identify the obstacles that you will have to overcome to achieve each goal.

~ Determine the information, knowledge and skills you will need to achieve each goal.

“To achieve a goal you have never achieved before, you’re going to have to develop a skill you’ve never done before,” advises Brian.

~ Make a list of everything you will have to do to achieve the goal. This will include obstacles to be overcome, knowledge and skills to be developed, the people you will have to call upon to guide, support or assist you in any way, and every possible step you will have to take to achieve the goal.

~ Organize this list into a plan, arranging the steps in two ways: first, in sequence; and second, by priority. Then, get to work on it!

“When you have a goal and a plan, you increase the likelihood of achieving your goal by 10 times, by 1,000 per cent,” Brian explains. “Plan each day, each week, each month in advance.”

Finally, he encourages the practice of visualization. Create clear, vivid, exiting, emotional pictures of your goals as if they were already a reality.

Once again, the few words I have included here barely scratch the surface of the insight and depth that Brian shares in the actual audio program.

If you are thinking about personal development and goal attainment, then I encourage you to visit the information page for Brian’s program, The New Psychology of Achievement. The page offers more information, including a short video of Brian sharing some personal highlights.

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