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I just have to say this: audio programs from Brian Tracy International (BTI) are powerful! Yes, I am a BTI affiliate and I make money selling Brian’s programs; it’s no secret, I have openly stated that many times.

But I have also stated that I could also possibly be my own best customer! I own many of Brian’s audio programs and the fact remains that all of his personal development and self-improvement materials are powerful.

I just finished listening to Session 5 on goal-setting in The New Psychology of Achievement, a 6-CD or 6-MP3 audio program that has to be one of my favourites. I have the CD version. Here are a few highlights from Session 5: …

Please note that what I include here barely scratches the surface of the information, the detail and the insight that Brian covers in the audio program.

To begin with, Brian tells us that success is all about goals.

Goal-SettingStated in its simplest form, the process of success revolves around identifying your primary goals, clarifying them in writing, developing a focused and purposeful plan of action, and working on it every single day.

Brian shares with us three turning points in his life:

1. Personal Responsibility: He discovered that he was responsible for his life and for everything that happened to him. “The acceptance of personal responsibility is the starting point,” he explains.

2. The Value of Goals: When Brian discovered the purpose and value of goals he made a list of 10 things he wanted to accomplish in the foreseeable future. He promptly lost the list, he says, but 30 days later he found that he had either achieved or partly achieved every goal that was on that list.

3. All Skills are Learnable: Brian’s third turning point was when he discovered that you can learn anything you need to learn to accomplish any goal you can set for yourself.

“All skills are learnable,” he says. “Everyone who is good in any area today was once poor in that area. What hundreds of thousands of others have done to achieve success, you can do as well.”

Brian uses the 80/20 rule to highlight what may be inhibiting your success. He notes that 80% of the reasons holding you back from achieving your goal are internal, they are inside of you. It could be the lack of a skill or a certain quality or perhaps a body of knowledge you may be lacking in. In contrast, he explains, only 20% of the reasons you are not achieving your goal are external. So, you must stop trying to place blame outward and you absolutely must take personal responsibility for your own success and achievement.

When working on goal-setting, Brian says, “Always start with the question, ‘What is it in me that is holding me back?’”

That’s enough to think about for now. In my next post I will continue on this theme and will share with you some of the steps that Brian recommends to help assure the success of your goal-setting and planning efforts.

Until then, please visit Brian’s information page that tells more about the features and benefits of his audio program, The New Psychology of Achievement.

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The New Psychology of AchievementThe New Psychology of Achievement

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