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I have just received Brian Tracy’s book on how to reinvent yourself, Reinvention (with bonuses), and I am excited! Brian’s ability to encourage and inspire is amazing. This is an awesome resource.

I promote and sell Brian’s products because I have used them for years and know from personal experience the insight, wisdom and value they have to offer. My goal is to help enrich the lives of other people by introducing them to the power of personal development. Brian’s resources make it so easy. And rewarding.

Since I have only just begun to read the book, this blog post will simply highlight a few key points of value to be found in the book. Later, after going through the book, and the bonuses, I will write a more thorough review. …

Here are some highlights on how to reinvent yourself following the guidance Brian provides in the book.

Brian begins by relating his own experience as a young man trying to make his way in the world. He shares how the subject of reinvention is “very near and dear to his heart” and he gives personal examples of jobs and times in his life when he had to find ways to reinvent himself.

In his introduction, he explains how the world is in transition, the future may be uncertain, but there are some very definite steps you can take to “make the rest of your life the best of your life.

The first step is to recognize and accept that you are a remarkable person with extraordinary qualities. “What you can do with your life from this day forward is limited only by your own imagination,” writes Brian.

How to Reinvent YourselfDeveloping your thinking skills and your decision-making abilities is one of the most important things you can do to begin your journey. Brian leads the reader through a series of specific thinking skills that can be worked on.

The next chapter and next step is to focus on self-knowledge or self-awareness. “The more you know yourself … the more capable you are of making better decisions in every area of your life,” says Brian.

Here, Brian takes you through a process of self-examination to help you understand who you really are and what you want at a deeper level.

Identifying exactly what you want in every area of your life will help you to create purpose and focus in your life. The third chapter takes a look at this from several angles and Brian provides information, insight and exercises designed to help you create focus.

Further chapters help you determine what you are worth, how to get the job you want in any economy, how to get ahead and how to get the most out of yourself.

The last chapter asks “What Do You Do Now?” and outlines exactly what your “job” and your “goals” now are. Brian says, “Your job is to be one of the most productive and most valuable people in your business or organization,” and “Your job is to have a wonderful life.” He closes with the statement: “Reinventing yourself is easily within your grasp.”

So, if you truly want to know how to reinvent yourself, read Brian’s book, Reinvention (with bonuses), follow Brian’s advice and his game plan for personal development, and prepare for a life of fulfillment that you have only dreamed about until now.

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