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Have you ever dreamed of writing a book and getting published? What have you done to work towards that dream? Have you hit a roadblock somewhere in the process? If you truly want to learn how to write a book, read on!

I am going to point you towards a resource created by a popular success expert and author that will show you the way to become a published author and will actually guide you all the through the entire process.

The success expert is Brian Tracy and the resource is called How to Write a Book Virtual Training Course. It is actually a training kit that includes a four-part training course, five CDs, one DVD, a workbook … with a bunch of bonus resources thrown in! …

First, let me make it clear that I am a sales affiliate for Brian Tracy International. When you buy any of Brian’s resources through a link that I have provided, I earn a sales commission.

There! We got that out of the way! Now, on to the good stuff – Brian’s training course for writers who want to get published.

How to Write a Book
What Brian is offering is a proven, step-by-step system for drafting a book, finding a publisher, and getting it published. This is the exact same system that he has used to create more than 50 best-selling books of his own.

You can read more about this (and watch a short video of Brian talking about it) on the information page for the course: How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author

Here is an abbreviated overview of what to expect from the course:

Stage 1: Planning Your Book

Learn the first thing to do when deciding on the topic of your book; who to think about when selecting the topic; how to choose a target market with profit potential (so publishers love you!); how to ensure your book stands out from other similar books … and much more.

Stage 2: Writing the Book

Learn the skills and techniques necessary for getting your book written from start to finish; what to do to streamline the process even before you start writing; how to become an expert in your field even if your knowledge is limited; how to make your writing exciting and appealing to your targeted readers … and more.

Stage 3: Editing and Organizing

Learn how to organize your book to become a polished masterpiece; how to master the stages of the editing process; benefit from Brian’s 10-step plan for successful book creation … and more.

Stage 4: Marketing and Publishing

Learn exactly how to “navigate the unknown territory in the Land of Agents and Publishers”; how to promote your book for maximum profits; the four keys to marketing strategy, and the seven ingredients in Brian’s own marketing mix … and more.

That is Brian’s four-part training course in a significantly abbreviated nutshell. Don’t be fooled by the few words I’ve used here to describe it – in reality, it is a complete and comprehensive program that provides excellent resources, excellent follow-up, excellent bonus materials, and Brian’s assurance that he is dedicated to your success.

Now we come to the BIG question: How passionate are YOU about pursuing and fulfilling your dream of becoming a published author? What does success means to you? Do you see how, with Brian’s help, you can finally achieve your publishing goal?

If you think now is the time to take that step and invest in your future as a published author, then please visit Brian’s information page and listen to what he has to say in his short video.

Visit How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author now while this great training opportunity is available.

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How to Write a Book

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