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Many believe that personal success is largely a mental game and the keys to removing barriers to achievement lay within every person. In other words, you already have what it takes to succeed; you just need to believe it and draw it out.

Personal development is a broad topic with many areas of focus. Whenever I am looking for inspiration to push through a particular barrier, I turn to one of numerous books and audio programs in my personal library. Resources from Brian Tracy International figure prominently on my shelves.

When I think about breaking the success barrier, several inspirational quotes from Brian come to mind. Here are three in particular that I like: …

Removing Barriers to AchievementFew people understand business and entrepreneurship better than Brian. When talking about wealth creation, he notes that “The surest road to wealth is to start and build a successful business of your own.” (Quote #1)

Starting a business does not guarantee the success of the business. You must research and plan the business and learn the skills to run it effectively and efficiently. Brian also advises that you deliver products and services at least 10% better than the norm.

Many businesses fail and because most people realize that, many are cautious about starting their own business. But one of the keys to removing barriers to achievement is courage; having faith and stepping out.

“Willingness to risk failure is a measure of your desire to be rich,” says Brian. “To succeed faster, double your failure rate.” (Quote #2)

However, he is not recommending that you enter into risk blindly. He acknowledges that there is a direct relationship between the level of risk and the likelihood of loss.

Therefore, he says, “Successful entrepreneurs analyze risk carefully and avoid it as much as possible.” (Quote #3)

My point with these three quotes is to demonstrate that greater personal success can be achieved by acknowledging your inner desire for achievement, drawing on the courage to take the necessary steps to make it happen, and believing in yourself.

You do have the keys to removing barriers to achievement. You just have to want it bad enough, believe it firmly enough and take action.

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