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I’ve been reviewing material from one of my favourite Brian Tracy personal development programs and I’ve found a couple of laws of success to help you bring out your best. Let me share a few thoughts with you.

Of course, Brian has many excellent programs, and each program is filled with down to earth wisdom, insight and easy to implement suggestions and recommendations. I’m just highlighting a few items that were especially meaningful to me as I read through them today.

These highlights are from The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement. I hope you will find inspiration in them as I have. …

Here we go:

Laws of SuccessLaw of Optimism: Brian tells us that a positive mental attitude goes with success and happiness. “Optimism makes you cheerful and pleasant, and more likely to succeed,” he says.

From my own experience I know that when I feel optimistic my energy level is noticeably higher. I am more enthusiastic, more confident and more willing to push beyond my limits. Also, I notice that people around me are more receptive to my suggestions and quicker to lend support to my ideas and projects.

Law of Control: This is an obvious one, but there is value in repeating it and reminding ourselves of its importance. Brian says that we feel positive about ourselves to the extent that we feel we are in control of our lives.

I’ve thought about this one with respect to my own circumstances and experiences and I have realized that there are a couple of factors that contribute to an individual’s sense of personal control:

~ Clear Goals: When our goals are clearly defined, they give us direction, and when we know where we are going, we feel much more confident in taking appropriate action;

~ Defined Plan: Like having clear goals, planning gives us focus and purpose and removes a great deal of uncertainty. Every step we take leads us confidently to the next step:

~ Daily Action: It is so much easier to take action when we know what our goal is and we have a plan in place to lead us there. Daily action is vital to our success and demonstrates that we are in control.

Law of Flexibility: Brian explains, “Success is best achieved when you are clear about the goal but flexible about how to get there. Inflexibility can lead to missed opportunities.”

I have always tried to be committed to a plan and dedicated to making it work. However, over the years I have learned that situations change and my interests change, so being too rigid in my methods could potentially cause more stress than is necessary.

I have since adopted the belief that there is always a better way and if I see the opportunity to try something new that still supports my goal, then I am willing to give it some serious consideration. This kind of flexibility reduces your stress and helps you to be happier in everything you do.

Those were a few of the thoughts and highlights that came to mind as I was reviewing this particular personal development program from Brian Tracy. I encourage you to find ways to apply the laws of success to bring out YOUR best, too. Determine your goal, define your plan and dedicate yourself to daily action…starting now.

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The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

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