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People used to say that laws were made to be broken. While pushing the boundaries may work for some things, there are some areas where you are better off following the proven path. The laws of success are one of these areas.

Achievers in life typically work longer, push harder and reach further than others with less drive and ambition. That doesn’t mean they have to actually work harder or blaze new trails. They just have to be alert for better, more productive ways to get things done.

When you ask achievers what their secret to success was, one of the answers you will commonly get is that they learned some valuable techniques from other successful people who had travelled the path before them. In this instance, it is quite acceptable to be a follower! …

One of the contemporary masters of personal achievement is Brian Tracy who shares his insight and experience in the audio program, The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement. The program covers a series of laws complete with explanations, examples and encouragement.

Laws of SuccessBrian makes it easy for the individual to imagine a more productive and fulfilling personal and business life. He shows you how to clearly identify your goals and prioritize the daily activities necessary to help you achieve them faster.

The Laws of Success shared in this program are straightforward and easy to apply. These laws are not made to be broken. Once you review them and learn to apply them as they are presented, you can expect to see the desired results.

At one point, I counted more than 150 specific laws. Brian leads with the first Law of Success, the Law of Cause and Effect. He calls this the “Granddaddy law from which all other laws in every field flow.”

According to the Law of Cause and Effect, the universe is orderly, there are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. “For every effect,” says Brian, “there is a cause or a set of causes.”

For each law, Brian provides examples, insight, suggestions and guidance. There are more than a dozen laws covered in the Laws of Success category.

The next section covers the Laws of Achievement and includes 12 laws. The first one, the Law of Control, states that, “You feel positive about yourself to the extent that you feel you are in control of your life.” Brian explains exactly what this means, and why it is so vitally important to you.

The next one in this section, and one of my favourites, is the Law of Responsibility.

We hear so many people today complaining about the circumstances of their life or their job or their family. Everybody is quick to find fault for their problems and place blame externally. But guess what? YOU are in control. It’s your life, your responsibility and the sooner you accept that fact and approach life from that perspective, the sooner will see progress and improvement in your circumstances.

That’s my interpretation of a small portion of Brian’s message. What he says about the Law of Responsibility is, in part, “You are fully responsible for everything you are, everything you have and everything you become and achieve.”

Brian elaborates on the concept of responsibility, as he does with each of the laws, and believe me, you will be encouraged and inspired by his down-to-earth insight and wisdom.

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement is one of my favourite programs from Brian Tracy International. I refer to it regularly and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

If you want a better life, it has to begin with you, and if you want to speed up your progress, then learn the laws of success from someone who not only talks the talk, but has walked the walk. Check out Brian’s personal development resources today!

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The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

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