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The key to overcoming barriers to success for most people is personal development. We all have potential to achieve more in life, but we must take action, make some changes and make a real commitment to our development.

Over the years, through personal experience and from observing others, I have discovered that this is largely a mental challenge: we become what we think we can become and if we don’t have sufficient belief in our potential or in our ability to achieve more, we then lower our expectations, make excuses and don’t try as hard as we could and should.

The first step in making forward progress is to identify any self-imposed barriers to success that may be holding us back. We must face up to the limitations we have placed on ourselves and admit that they must be overcome.

The second step is to make it a priority to find ways to stimulate and strengthen our belief system so we can push past these roadblocks. …

Some of us can do this on our own through vision-casting, goal setting and daily positive affirmations. Others may need to take it to another level and seek training or guidance from qualified sources.

Personally, when I am focusing on Breaking The Success Barrier in my life, I have found great help and inspiration in a variety of materials I have purchased from Brian Tracy International.

Overcoming Barriers to SuccessWhether or not you seek outside support or materials in overcoming your barriers to success, you should examine where you are sitting in your personal goal plan, and determine what you need to do to push through to the next level. Then you must build it into your plans and take action on it immediately.

Everybody has special talents and abilities they can call upon or enhance: what are yours? What can you do to push through your barriers?

What beliefs are holding you back from achievement? What strengths are you currently blocking that would otherwise move you forward?

What practices and activities are taking up more of your time than they should? What can you do to reorganize your schedule to create greater efficiency and less stress for you?

Perhaps it is time for you to sit down, review your goals and reset your priorities.

To make progress we must know what we want, decide to do it and then take daily action to get it done. If you are willing to look at a great resource that can help you do this very effectively then check out Brian’s audio program, Breaking The Success Barrier. He will show you exactly how to get the pieces of your success puzzle all falling into place so you can overcome your barriers to success.

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Breaking The Success Barrier

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