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We all seek personal achievement on some level, some of us on several levels; for example, personal success, business success, sales success, family or social success. The hard part is deciding what we want and then truly focusing on it.

Once we do know what we want in a particular area, one starting point for creating crystal clear focus might be to examine our current abilities in order to determine what new skills need to be developed or what existing skills need to be further enhanced.

In one section of his audio program, The New Psychology of Achievement, Brian Tracy talks specifically about identifying the one skill that could be the single most important factor in your quest for personal success. …

Brian notes how your skills and abilities have a tremendous influence on whether or not you will succeed, and to what level.
Personal Achievement
“Your weakest skill sets the height of your income and your success,” says Brian. “You can make more progress by working on the skill holding you back than you can by working on any other skill.”

The question is, what is that one skill you really should be focusing on developing?

“What one skill, if you develop it and did it in an excellent fashion, would have the greatest positive impact on your life?” Brian asks. “What one skill would help you most to double your income?

In his audio program, he coaches you to identify that one skill and to write it down and make a plan for developing it to an excellent level. He explains that you should write down every book, every audio program, every resource and every action you could take to learn and develop that skill.

Brian then encourages you to do something every single day to work on improving that skill. Do not take your focus away from it until you are doing it so well that it is producing the results that you have desired and dreamed about.

Set some specific goals and targets for yourself. Brian says, “Success is goals and all else is commentary.”

In your quest for personal achievement, I recommend that you consider getting Brian’s audio program, The New Psychology of Achievement, as an expert guide designed to help you get focused and develop a workable action plan. Click on any of my affiliate links for this great resource and check out what Brian says about it in the short video on his information page.

We all seek greater success in some area, but life is too short to waste time learning the lessons on our own. Programs like the ones Brian offers can help us learn more, faster, so we can save time and accelerate our success. Be sure to check out his New Psychology information page now.

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The New Psychology of AchievementThe New Psychology of Achievement

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