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Zig Ziglar said, “You can’t fly with the eagles if you continue to scratch with the turkeys.” The turkeys in life are negative and pessimistic. They lack motivation, drive and the will to improve through personal development activities.

A determined focus on self improvement is the one key quality that sets successful high achievers apart from unsuccessful dreamers and underachievers.

You will do more to advance your career, your profession, your home business, your family life and your social relationships by engaging in a regular, ongoing program of self improvement than by almost any other activity. …

Personal development activities can involve a variety of things, from developing practical skills, to increasing knowledge in specific subject areas, working on attitude adjustments, improving communication skills, pursuing business management or marketing development skills, or any number of other areas.

High achievers often work on a few of these at the same time. Many people set specific goals in the key areas of work, profession or business, family and relationships, and personal qualities and then get on some kind of program of development for each area.

Resources for self improvement are readily available in numerous formats and from a variety of sources. You can get books, audio programs, DVDs, MP3s, and other digital media accessible for use online or on your computer, your tablet or other portable electronic device.

You can find the format, or formats, that best suit your busy schedule and then be ready to make use of any “down” time that occurs in between things.

Personal Development ActivitiesMy favourite source for such materials is Brian Tracy International. You may have noticed that I promote and sell Brian’s products on my website. However, there are many other sources and I encourage you to find a source you trust, then make plans to engage in personal development activities regularly.

Of course, one reason why there are so few “eagles” compared to “turkeys” is that it does take time, effort and focus to get on a program and stick with it until it produces the desired results. Brian Tracy says it takes about five to seven years of focused effort and ongoing self development to achieve mastery in an area or to reach the top of your field.

It seems that many people do not have sufficient drive or ability to make that kind of commitment. That just leaves more room at the top for achievers and if you have what it takes you will be the one to earn the rewards that are waiting.

Brian says, “If you set it as a goal, make a plan and work on it every day, five to seven years from now you are going to be in the top 10% of people in your field. Through personal development, you are going to be one of the highest paid and most respected people in your career.”

Because of your hard work and dedication, you will be enjoying the rewards of the top performers.

“Resolve today to develop the habit of personal excellence, and focus all your energies on joining the top 10% of professionals in your field,” encourages Brian. “Once you do that, your entire future will open up in front of you.”

It all begins with a focus on personal development activities and a commitment to lifelong learning.

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