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Everybody is in transition in one form or another, whether it is your employment, relationships, family, lifestyle or whatever. Chances are things are different for you today than they were last year and they will be different again next year.

Basically, the future is uncertain; what are you doing to prepare for it? Are you ready for change and transition, or do you need to re-evaluate your present state and create a plan for reinventing yourself to effectively deal with the coming changes and challenges?

You can be a victim of change or an agent of change: the choice is yours. In one sense, you are the center of your universe: from your perspective, everything happens to you and around you. So, it makes sense to be proactive as an agent of change so you can direct your own future. …

Reinvention is a big topic that covers many areas, too many to cover in a short post like this, but the starting point is probably a degree of self-analysis.

~ You might look at who you are at this moment in time. What are your key values? What things in life are most important to you? What are your best qualities? What jobs, or activities in jobs, have given you the greatest satisfaction? What mistakes or poor decisions have influenced you?

Reinventing Yourself~ Consider your hopes and expectations in life; what do you truly want? What is your definition of success and personal achievement? Who do you admire for their success and achievement?

~ Think about your present worth: your skills, strengths, talents. Which of these could be improved to add greater value to those around you or those in the business world or marketplace that you hope to serve?

After you determine who you are, what you want, what strengths you bring to the table and what strengths need to be developed, then you can compare where you presently are on your journey with where you want to eventually go. This will give you some insight into where changes are needed in order to advance or accelerate your progress.

Equipped with an understanding of where you want to go and what changes need to occur, you can then develop a plan of action for reinventing yourself. Here are some elements that go into effective planning:

~ Be decisive: make clear, well-defined decisions. Know what you want and what you are going for.

~ Set clear goals and objectives. Specific actions, outcomes and timelines are essential to success and achievement.

~ Be firm in your resolution to follow your plans and achieve your goals.

~ Set daily action steps and plan these steps every day in advance. Don’t go to bed without knowing exactly what you will do to advance your plans the next day.

As I mentioned earlier, reinvention is a huge subject and the little snippets I have provided here barely scratch the surface. Hopefully, they will give you a little insight into the process of reinventing yourself and if nothing else, perhaps inspire you to want to pursue the subject further.

Many resources are available online and in book stores. Make a commitment to yourself to be the best you can be and if you feel the need for reinvention, then by all means, make that your focus. After all, it’s your future.

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Reinventing YourselfReinventing Yourself

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