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After failing in their attempts to achieve personal success, a lot of people simply give up on themselves, but if you are one who seriously wants to unlock your potential in 2012, then you are already half way there to making it happen!

Believe in yourself. Don’t let your dreams die. Renew your commitment to becoming the best you can be in this coming year. Your belief in yourself is the key to personal power and is the catalyst that will carry you through to success.

When you work on personal development you need to focus on a couple of specific areas to truly capitalize on the benefits you desire. Here are some suggestions: …

First of all, we have all been bombarded with the concept that in order to reach a destination or achieve a goal, it has to be specific and clear. It is a concept with value. It works! You need to clearly visualize the destination, visualize the goal, visualize the anticipated outcome.

The more exact your vision of the desired result is, the more focused your subconscious mind will be in guiding you to the knowledge or habits or people, situations and events that will help you get there. This isn’t some hokey mumbo-jumbo: it works! Give your mind a clear picture and it will lock onto the target like a homing beacon.

Next, work on your self-esteem and self-confidence. I say “work” on this because for most people it IS work. It takes a truly conscious effort to overcome feelings of low esteem and low confidence.

Sometimes, it means going into an uncomfortable situation and forcing yourself to think and act like you are absolutely confident about everything, even if on the inside you don’t feel that way. Make yourself smile, look people directly in the eye and speak clearly and confidently.

Believe it or not, when you smile, it can actually make you feel more confident and in control. It’s weird, but it does work. And when you look people in the eye while you are smiling, well, it just does something to boost your confidence and sense of control: try it! And guess what? A lot of other people aren’t as confident as YOU think they are, so when you confidently look them in the eye while smiling, they will often consider you with greater respect or admiration, sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously.

If you need some guidance with building up your confidence and self-esteem, there are plenty of resources available to help you. Look online or in your local library for personal development books and audio programs from motivational leaders like Brian Tracy and Earl Nightingale.

Unlock Your PotentialOne such resource that I particularly appreciate and fully recommend is Unlock Your Potential, a 73 minute audio program from Brian Tracy.

Finally, be sure to take daily, purposeful action towards the development of your self-improvement goals. Visualize your goals, make a plan for personal development and work on it every day. Read, listen to audios and practice your speaking skills … and your smiling skills!

Because, if you take it seriously, you will be able to unlock your potential in 2012 like you have never before been able to do.

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Unlock Your Potential

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