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We all know the basic principles of success for home business marketers: Clear goals, defined plan, daily commitment, singular focus, etc., etc., but what about some of the principles of doing the business? Here are a few to consider.

The following concepts can be found in greater detail in the audio training program from Brian Tracy International, The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement.

These laws can be applied to many forms of business and marketing. If you examine them closely, I am certain you will be able to see some very practical applications for your own marketing activities. …

Brian includes 14 Laws of Business in his program. I am highlighting just a few of them. Also, the ‘Laws of Business’ is just one of 12 comprehensive sections in the program.

Let’s look at some of the principles of success that home business marketers can use to their benefit:

Law of Purpose

Did you think your purpose was to make money? Think again. Here’s what Brian says about it:

Principles of Success “The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer. This takes precedence over making profits.”

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? But it is truth. Creating and keeping a customer is more valuable than chasing down a new customer every time you want to make a sale. “Profits will follow when customers are created and kept,” says Brian.

Law of Customer Satisfaction

Find out what your targeted customers want, make it available to them, listen to their comments, complaints and concerns about it and do everything you can to improve it or make it right, where necessary. Remember, your purpose is to create and keep that customer!

Brian tells us, “Successful businesses actually have an obsession over customer satisfaction.”

Law of the Customer

In the program, Brian explains that customers always seek the very most at the lowest possible price. “Proper business planning demands that you focus on the self-interest of the customer,” he says. What can you do to assure your customer that he or she is getting maximum value for the price you are asking?

Law of Quality

Here we learn that customers demand the very highest quality for the very lowest price. No surprise, right? Aren’t YOU the same? I know I am.

Brian highlights the fact that quality is whatever the customer thinks it is, and the customer decides how much it is worth.

Law of Specialization

This law has become increasingly evident in the arena of Internet Marketing. You probably hear marketing leaders talking about the need to choose a particular market niche and focus on it. Here is what Brian says about specialization:

“To succeed, you must specialize and be excellent or cost-efficient at satisfying a specific customer need. Not doing either sets the stage for failure.”

Law of Differentiation

I see this one as being a tough one for home-based Internet Marketers.

Brian explains, “A product or service must be different in some unique way to be successful. This difference should be perceivable and promotable.”

These laws are just six of the 14 included in the ‘Laws of Business’ section in Brian’s Universal Laws of Success and Achievement audio program. All together, there are 12 separate sections and in total, Brian gives thorough explanations for more than 150 individual laws.

Now, go back and review the six examples given here and test them against your own home business activity. How many of these principles of success are you presently applying? How or where can you improve to enhance your results?

Your commitment to both business development and personal development is the real key to the speed and height of all of your achievements.

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The Universal Laws of Success and AchievementThe Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

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