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There are no true secrets to success, only lessons to be learned and applied. Few people have the ability to help you learn these very important life lessons more effectively than America’s leading authority on personal development, Brian Tracy. Here is a review of one of Tracy’s most popular audio programs, The New Psychology of Achievement: 6 CDs–$75.95 | 6 MP3s–$65.95

Tracy notes that to achieve success in any area of your life, whether business or personal, you must have a clear image of that success in your mind. To help you develop a clear mental picture of what success means to you, and how to accelerate your achievements to a whole new level, he designed The New Psychology of Achievement to encompass all aspects of personal development and performance.

The program, originally created in 1983, has been updated to include breakthrough strategies for success and happiness in the 21st Century. It contains 12 separate sections that highlight key areas of critical thinking, attitude, skill development and strategic planning, with an emphasis on purposeful application and dynamic action.

Tracy’s aim is to provide the listener with ideas and strategies that can be used to accomplish more in the months and years ahead than the listener might ever have thought possible. …

Session Highlights

Tracy has motivated thousands of people toward peak performance and achievement through his seminars, audio programs and other training resources. His comfortable, down to earth, easy-going style continues throughout The New Psychology of Achievement.

It begins in Session 1, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, where Tracy relates his personal story and the turning point in his life. He speaks about self-concept, commitment to excellence and seven practices of the most successful people, among other insightful topics.

In Session 2, Unlocking Your Potential, he highlights three quick exercises to begin the session, seven mental laws that determine your potential, seven key ingredients of the 1,000 percent formula, and more.

Session 3, Motivating Yourself to peak Performance, covers more on self-esteem, the two main fears that hold people back, four keys to optimism, dealing with fear, doubt and worry, and much more.

Other sessions thoroughly delve into such topics as Communicating with Power, Success in Goals, Powerful Time-Management Principles, Money, Making a Million, the Power of Self-Discipline, how to prepare for and deal with crisis, Practical Methods to Simplify Your Life, and Achieving Time-Life Balance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tracy is so confident that listeners will achieve personal success with this program that he is backing it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: buyers have one full year to listen to the program and apply the principles and if they aren’t happy with the results, they can return it for a full refund.

The current pricing is available for a limited time: $79.95 for the 6-CD program (a savings of 16% off the regular price) | $65.95 for the 6 MP3s (a savings of 27%)

Pros and Cons

What I personally like best about this program is Tracy’s easy going, yet authoritative manner, as well as the depth of detail and insight that he packs into each session. He is comfortable to listen to, his stories and examples are insightful, personal and meaningful, and he provides clear steps to follow for each recommendation he makes. You never feel like you are on your own; Tracy gives you a complete step-by-step blueprint for business and personal success.

There is one thing I do not like about the program, but it is a technical issue that is likely beyond Tracy’s control. I like to rewind programs when I miss something or want to hear a key point over again. You can do that with audio cassettes, but CDs seem to be a different story. At least with the CD player I use. With the CD edition of the program, if you want to go back, you have to go back to the beginning of the particular session (track) you are listening to.

My Recommendation

Other than that one “technical” issue, I am very pleased with the quality and value provided in Brian Tracy’s The New Psychology of Achievement and I fully recommend it for anybody who wants to take their business or personal development to the next level. In my opinion, once again, Tracy hits the mark and delivers!

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