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Most people desire some degree of above average success and achievement in some area of their lives, whether personal or business or some other area. A few reach this goal. Many do not. What is the secret? What is it that makes the difference?

In my opinion, the secret to extraordinary personal achievement is this: If you want something beyond the average, you must do something beyond the average to earn it.

Most of us settle into our comfort zones and then get lulled into a pattern of doing just enough to get by. The achievers among us, on the other hand, pull themselves out of that comfortable torpor and take action to do something of real value. …

Before you can take affirmative action to bring about a worthy goal, you must first determine what that goal is to be. The goals you choose will be based on your sense of purpose, your desires, principles, values and belief in your ability to achieve those goals.

Anything is possible if your sense of purpose is strong enough and your goals are sufficiently focused and meaningful.

What is your major goal for 2014? What area of your life is most important for you to focus on this year?

In most cases, that one area that we recognize as being a priority often turns out to be the hub of all other activity and achievement in our lives. In other words, when we improve in that one area, all of the others are touched and affected by it in some way; all others improve in some beneficial way.

The whole process begins with some personal introspection and planning. Once the way is clear and the plans are in place, the next step is making a commitment to daily action, whether that involves the actual action steps, or prior learning and personal development before following through with the action steps.

Then comes the deciding factor, the element of the process that determines whether or not you will succeed in your quest for extraordinary personal achievement: that is, your willingness to make the effort to go above and beyond the basics of what is required for success.

Here is a great quote that sums this up perfectly:

“No one ever attains eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.” ~ Charles Kendall Adams

What steps are you taking today to facilitate extraordinary personal achievement in your life this year?

Dream big; make clear plans; commit to daily action; and go above and beyond in the quality of your efforts! You can do it.

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