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It’s a brand new year! How did the last one treat you? Did you achieve your goals, your dreams, your highest aspirations? Or are you going to need another year to work on it?

If you fell short of your goals and have found yourself sometimes questioning your ability to achieve them, perhaps all you need is an attitude adjustment? You know what they say: A new attitude invariably creates a new result.

Some of my Internet Marketing friends and Home Business Resources blog readers may know that I am student of and a promoter of lifelong learning and the benefits of personal development. I am also a collector of motivational quotes and inspirational sayings. …

In fact, I am a member of a couple of different social sites where I have started discussion groups for posting motivational quotes and my contributors have posted literally thousands of such quotes!

Here is a quote that is very meaningful to me:

Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us.

~ L. Thomas Holdcroft

It all depends on our attitude.

Life can be tough. It holds a variety of challenges for most people, but we can accept those challenges as stepping stones to greater achievement. We can use those challenges to make us stronger, wiser, better equipped to deal with the next challenge, or a bigger challenge.

If we find that life is grinding us down, we can do something about it. We have the wonderful ability to change our attitude about any challenges we face and approach them with a whole new and much healthier attitude.

If you missed a goal in 2013, you now have a new opportunity to regroup, refocus and take a new run at it in 2014. Maybe all you need is an attitude adjustment?

Examine your goals and their related challenges with a fresh perspective. Be hopeful, expect the best and cultivate a new spirit of enthusiasm! You can do it!

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