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Driving time can sometimes be down time; you might be trapped in city traffic for long periods, or driving down the highway for long stretches. Why not put it to good use? Here’s a way to turn your vehicle into a university on wheels.

This APC post and the three previous ones were inspired by an experience I had earlier in June where I was amazed by the achievements of a particular group of university graduates. I touched on this in the post, Internet Marketing Experts Made, Not Born.

I was inspired by the commitment to excellence demonstrated by the graduates. They pushed through a variety of very challenging obstacles in order to achieve their educational goals and advance their career prospects. It is incredible how much value focused study can have for a person.

Internet Marketers and home business entrepreneurs can be dedicated learners and achievers as well, even if they don’t attend university. There are other ways to build one’s knowledge base, and turning your automobile into a university on wheels is one of them. …

Brian Tracy, a leader in the field of personal development, encourages business people and aspiring entrepreneurs to listen to educational audio programs in their car regularly. It is an investment in their future that can pay huge dividends.

New Psychology of Achievement “You can become one of the smartest and most knowledgeable people in your field by turning traveling time into learning time; by turning your car into a mobile classroom,” says Brian.

He explains that people who use their car in business may sit behind the wheel between 500 to 1,000 hours each year. “This is the equivalent of three months of 40-hour weeks,” he says. “This is the equivalent of one or two full time university semesters just driving from place to place.”

Imagine that? Simply by listening to educational audio programs in your car – instead of music or other radio programs – you can get the equivalent of full time university attendance in self-directed learning.

Brian touches on this concept in a number of his popular programs. For this post, I have been quoting from The New Psychology of Achievement, Session One, point number seven.

If you are committed to the success of your future, whether it is in traditional business, Internet Marketing or any kind of home business endeavor, you will see the value of making better use of your drive time. Turn your vehicle into a university on wheels and watch your business grow.

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New Psychology of Achievement

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