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Here is a Universal Laws of Success and Achievement review based on my own personal experience. This audio program is one of the first focusing on personal development that I bought from Brian Tracy a number of years ago.

Through this program, you will discover success factors and laws of achievement that you can immediately apply to develop greater personal power in all areas of your life. I have found ongoing value in the material: I still refer to the audios and the accompanying pocket guide regularly.

The information is presented in a series of sessions, each focusing on specific concepts of achievement, for example, the Laws of Success, the Laws of Achievement, the Laws of Economics, the Laws of Relationships, the Laws of Negotiating, the Laws of Selling, to name just a few. …

All of the material is presented in Brian’s comfortable and confident easy going style, free from technical and industry jargon and easy to follow, understand and apply.

Universal Laws of Success and Achievement ReviewThe Universal Laws of Success and Achievement program is available in both CD format and MP3 format:

– The CD format comes as a Training Kit that includes eight CDs, a pocket guide and a bonus CD, all for a special price of $79.99.

– The MP3 program includes more than eight hours of audio, plus a bonus MP3, all for the special price of $69.99.

You can purchase this resource with complete confidence because programs and materials from Brian Tracy International include a one-year satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a program, you can return it for a full refund.

Program Positives

The best thing about this audio program is the amazing insight that Brian so skilfully conveys to the listener in each session. Every step of the way, I find myself being inspired anew by the concepts presented. Brian leaves you with the feeling that yes, you can do this! You can use this information to improve your life.

Another thing that I particularly appreciate is the way the sessions are clearly titled and how Brian introduces each session to let the listener know what it will be about and why the concept to be presented is so vitally important to the person’s success and achievement. Between the audio session titles and the pocket guide, you can easily refer back to specific ideas and concepts for a quick refresher or review.

Program Negatives

If a person has other programs and materials from Brian Tracy as I do, they may recognize some stories and concepts in this program that have been repeated in other programs. This isn’t necessarily a negative; it is not a bad idea to review good, positive ideas, and there can be value in hearing a concept in a different context.

Also, in this age of easily accessible information via the Internet, with some digging and research, a person may be able to find free sources offering some of the same or similar information as contained in this audio program. However, there is nothing like having a dedicated resource at hand that compiles and presents a training program in an orderly, step-by-step fashion like this one does.

My Recommendation

As a person who values and promotes ongoing personal development, I present this review with complete confidence that anybody who uses this resource will benefit from it. Brian himself notes that results will vary depending on circumstances, time commitment and overall application of the ideas and concepts presented in the program.

If anything in this Universal Laws of Success and Achievement review has intrigued or inspired you, I encourage you now to visit the product information page to read and listen to Brian’s own words about this resource. Then consider buying the program as an investment in your future.

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Universal Laws of Success and Achievement Review

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