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What’s your learning style? I just received a link to a great resource from Brian Tracy InternationalBrian Tracy International that lets you quickly and easily do a personal learning assessment on yourself. Use it to identify your dominant learning sense.

Brian’s personal learning assessment is a PDF document with three pages. The first page is an infographic that describes the three styles of learning. The second page and part of the third page is a series of questions designed to identify your dominant sense. The rest of the third page offers some additional insight into each of the styles.

I’m not going to post the questions here, but I will give specific details about each the three styles; read on to see if you can guess what your style is before you take the test. …

What’s Your Learning Style? Visual, Auditory or Physical?

The following descriptions are quoted directly from Brian’s resource:


Visual learners will typically retain more information when they can see something that graphically depicts what they are trying to learn. Visual learners should study using visual aids whenever possible. Flash cards, pictures, drawings – anything that will give them a visual memory.

What's Your Learning Style?Visual learners like drawing diagrams, pictures and charts and watching films.

Visual/Verbal learners like to read the written word. They like books, posters with slogans, instruction material with clearly written text.


Auditory learners will retain more information when they hear something. For auditory learners the best way to learn is to hear something… over and over. Use a tape recorder. Read out loud. Have a friend quiz them orally.

Auditory learners like to hear new information through spoken explanations, commentaries and tapes. They benefit from reading key passages aloud and making tapes.


Physical learners will retain information when they use the “hands-on” approach – like labs and demonstrations.

Physical learners like hands-on learning where they can immediately try things for themselves. They like to do as they learn, e.g. writing, underlining, doodling, imagining.

So, do you think you are a Visual learner, an Auditory learner, or a Physical learner? One style is not necessarily better than another. What’s important is identifying YOUR style and focusing on it while looking for ways to reinforce it using the other styles.

Brian says, “To keep pace in this Digital Age, you have to think and learn differently. As challenging as it may seem, with the right process, it’s highly possible to make learning faster and easier.”

Using Brian’s personal learning assessment guide, you will be able to “discover your dominant learning sense simply by answering a series of questions about your actions, phrases you use, and even your emotions.”

Don’t worry, it is not a sales page; it is simply a test you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home and get immediate answers.

If you want more information about Brian’s selection of personal development resources, visit Brian Tracy InternationalBrian Tracy International.

So, what’s YOUR learning style? You can access the assessment guide here:
Discover your dominant learning sense

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