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So much of our success and happiness revolves around personal development planning and a commitment to self-improvement. When we improve our skills and abilities, we strengthen our confidence and our competence.

I know there are times when our natural abilities shine through, but they are usually quite spontaneous and can seldom be anticipated. It’s great when it happens, but you can’t depend on it or build your future on it.

What you really need to do is focus your efforts and plan a definite program of purposeful self-improvement. …

The greatest benefit that personal development planning will produce is the elimination of fears through the development of self-confidence. When you improve or develop your skills, you feel better about yourself and your ability to meet life’s challenges and you become so much more confident as a person.

It can be surprising what a big difference a little extra self-confidence can make. You feel more excited about the possibilities that lay before you and you become more enthusiastic about Personal Development Planninggetting projects started. As your old negative ways of thinking fade away, you start to experience the wonderful benefits of a much healthier, much more positive mental attitude.

Also, your leadership talents start to shine through and people begin to respond to you in a more open and respectful way. You feel happier and those around you reflect your new attitude.

Your plan for purposeful personal development will begin with a clear visualization of the person you want to become, or the specific skills you want to develop. It is recommended to create a personal mission statement that clearly describes this.

Identify your most cherished dreams and goals and determine which skills or which area of development you need to focus on to get yourself moving in the right direction.

Identify your key strengths and focus on developing them further to support your drive to become recognized as a leader or expert in your areas of interest.

Create a plan of action that includes the goals you are working towards, the purpose for each goal, the anticipated benefits for each, and a timeline for achieving each goal.

Identify the most important goals and the highest value tasks that can be done to achieve each and then focus your time and energy on those tasks.

Finally, stay focused and stick with your plan until your primary goals have been achieved. Really, that is the secret to success: focus, commitment and perseverance.

Self-improvement is vital to success and should be taken seriously. Personal development planning can make all the difference. If you don’t currently have a plan, make it your top priority to start working on one today.

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