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You may have heard of income opportunities where you have to buy products in order to qualify for commissions. Well, if you don’t like that and if you want to know how to make money online free, please read on!

I have participated in a number of home business opportunities over the years and I have made a few dollars with some of them. The ones that I liked the least were the ones that made you buy stuff even if you didn’t want it and probably would not use it.

Not that I’m against supporting the company you promote. In fact, I encourage you to support your company! I am all for representatives and affiliates buying products and services from companies that generate income for them. …

I’m just saying that product purchases should be optional and you should be able to earn good sales commissions whether or not you make personal purchases.

I know the debate among marketers about this: some say that you need to force a purchase requirement in order to stimulate the product sales needed to generate the commissions.

Other marketers say no, required purchases are not right. Representatives should decide whether or not they want to make purchases. They should have the option to participate in the program and make money from it without ever having to buy anything or spend any money, if that’s what they choose.

If you like the idea of learning how to make money online free, then check out this real Internet income opportunity. I am earning money with it right now and I have made a commitment to build the business and help and guide anyone on my marketing team who wants to do the same.

How to Make Money Online FreeThe company is the SFI Marketing Group and the foundation of their Internet success is their e-commerce shopping site, TripleClicks. The site now features more than 57,000 items in many categories.

Here is how to start making money with this proven opportunity:

1) Sign up as an SFI affiliate (there is no cost and there is never any purchase requirement).

2) Review the training section for earning sales commissions on TripleClicks and then start sending people to your new TripleClicks gateway website. When your customers make purchases, you earn 45% of the commission volume on every sale.

Note: It costs you nothing to become an SFI affiliate; it costs you nothing to promote the TripleClicks (TC) e-commerce shopping site.

3) If there are certain kinds of products you like to promote, you can find these products in the TC store and get a unique URL for them that you can promote to people who you know will be interested in those products. You earn 45% of the commission volume per sale. It costs you nothing to do this but your time and effort.

4) Do you know any small and medium businesses that would like the chance to list their products on an e-commerce site like TripleClicks? Refer them to the TC E-Commerce Associates Program. Once they sign up and list their products at TC and start making sales, you will earn 10% of the commission volume per sale. All YOU do is refer them to the ECA program.

If you also choose to promote the unique URLs for any of their products and you make sales from doing so, you earn both the 10% commission AND the 45% commission – that’s 55% on each sale!

5) Introduce the SFI marketing plan to other home business enthusiasts and when they make TC purchases, you earn 45% of the commission volume.

There are many more marketing opportunities and benefits and bonuses available in the SFI plan than what I have listed here, but these are the quickest to put in place to begin earning real Internet income with SFI.

That’s how to make money online free. It does require some time and effort on your part to learn and apply the basics to get your SFI business rolling. It is also your responsibility to learn and apply ways to send traffic to your TripleClicks gateway, but the training and marketing resources you need to run your Internet business are provided by SFI, and it is available FREE with no purchase requirements.

Also, I will be there to answer questions and offer guidance and support. Visit my SFI information page, sign up as an affiliate if you like what you see and are curious to learn more, and let’s get you set up to make money online, free.

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