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There are countless ways to make money online but if you want lasting success, residual income opportunities make the most sense … and the most dollars, too! Start the process rolling, then let it continue while you do other things.

When applied to Internet Marketing, residual income is a form of passive income received by the marketer on an ongoing basis with little or no additional effort on his or her part. It does require some work in the beginning to get the process started, but once set up properly, it continues on its own.

Two good ways to generate passive income are to sell something by subscription, or earn override commissions based on sales made by members of a marketing network that you develop and lead. …

Subscription sales usually involve monthly or annual renewals. If you are an affiliate for the company providing the item, then once you make the first sale, that customer typically becomes yours for the life of their subscription renewals. In most cases, the product or service provider sends out subscription reminders, saving you from having to do it.

Override commissions are a great form of passive income, too. There are some very good residual income opportunities that allow you to earn income this way.

Residual Income OpportunitiesThe way it works is you find an affiliate company with products or services you feel comfortable promoting and a sales compensation plan that lets you earn a percentage of the commission on sales made by people you introduce or sponsor into the business.

Some companies let you earn override commissions on sales made down through several levels or generations in the sales network. In other words, you sponsor someone who in turn sponsors someone and they in turn sponsor others down several generations. When sales are made by any of those people, you may qualify for a percentage of the sales commission.

Different companies set up their override commission plans in different ways. Some provide direct commissions while others may offer other incentives or benefits based on a percentage of the commission or on the number of sales.

It may require some focus and effort on your part to get such a marketing network started and running independently. But when you consider the potential rewards, you can see that it is well worth the time and commitment.

Imagine finding a few people who are as motivated as you are and working with each of them to find a few like-minded people of their own. You then coach your personally sponsored people to support and train their people to duplicate your efforts as an attentive leader. Once they get the ball rolling in their own networks, your passive income machine will begin to take on a life of its own.

Contrast this passive income process with the traditional sales model where you make one sale, get paid one commission and then have to go out and make other sales again and again. Wouldn’t you prefer being the leader of a thriving sales network?

Unless you love selling and are good at it, in the long run it is easier to work with a few motivated marketers and set up a network than it is to chase customer after customer to make new sales on your own.

If you are interested in looking at a popular sales and marketing model, then I recommend the SFI Marketing Group. Their compensation plan is centered around one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites on the Internet today and as you qualify for leadership benefits, you can earn override commissions based on the purchases and sales of affiliates down through 12 generations in your network.

If you are serious about finding dependable residual income opportunities and creating a source of ongoing passive income for yourself, then you owe it to yourself to check out the benefits of SFI today. Do it now and please let me know if you have any questions.

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Residual Income Opportunities

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