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Here is a snippet of search engine insight that I don’t know if it will help you, or confuse you more than you may already be regarding how to make the search engines happy and get better search engine placement.

There was a time when a high number of backlinks helped you do well in the search engines. But the algorithms changed and sheer volume of links was no longer good enough.

Then it became important to get quality backlinks. That is, links from good quality sites that were very similar and highly relevant to your own site. This apparently told the search engines that other sites liked your site and were willing to recommend it to their visitors.

But then the algorithms changed and now it is no longer good enough to simply have relevant links on high quality sites. …

Now, it seems, what you need in addition to links on highly relevant, high quality sites is actual traffic from those sites! It’s still a great idea to get those links, but you might not see your search engine rankings improve if those sites do not send you actual traffic.

That is just an observation I’ve picked up from some recent reading. At the same time, I’m still seeing other traffic experts advising that “all you need” is quality links to get better search engine placement. Hmm.

We seem to be back to that old Catch-22 situation that I have mentioned before: You need high search engine rankings so you can get the search engine traffic that you need to help demonstrate the popularity of your website. But you need to demonstrate the popularity Better Search Engine Placementof your website before you can earn the high search engine rankings! Which comes first? In my opinion, it is a vicious circle.

Well, no matter how you look at it, it all comes down to site popularity and the number one indicator of popularity is traffic. If people are visiting your site, there is a reason for it and that gets the attention of the search engines. The search engines will then analyze where the traffic is coming from and why, how it is being sent to your site, how long the visitors stay on your site and how many pages they navigate through when there (among a variety of other factors).

If the search engines like what they see (in other words, if the data correlates in a positive way with the algorithm settings of the moment), then your site just may earn a higher ranking in the search results.

Everything points to the importance of creating and maintaining a website that has obvious real value to the audience it is targeted for. If your site has great content that is relevant to your targeted readers, then they will come, they will tell others about it, and other website owners with sites similar to yours will willingly add links pointing back to your site . . . Simply because of the value that you obviously offer to the intended community.

Of course, until you have gained enough popularity for your fame to go truly viral, you will still have to do your job in the promoting and marketing end of the business. After all, you’ve got to let people know you’re out there, and we know we can no longer entirely depend on the search engines to help us. But marketing and promotion is a whole other story.

If your goal is to get better search engine placement, the first step is to create a high quality and appealing website. If you are not getting the traffic that you want, the design of your website and the quality and frequency of your content just might be the place to start revamping for future success.

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