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Forget about Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird is the code name of the new Google search algorithm! Google introduced this algorithm a few months ago and expects it to deliver improved search results.

Hummingbird replaces the old ranking algorithm. Penguin and Panda were updates of that algorithm and have most likely been integrated with the new one.

A main feature of the new algorithm is that it promises to be better with ‘conversational search’. What that means is, instead of searching for individual words in a search phrase, the new algorithm examines the whole phrase and tries to interpret the intended meaning of it. …

So, now you are wondering what on earth you are going to have to do to optimize your website for Hummingbird! Don’t worry; the optimization process will remain pretty much the same as before.

Here’s what to do to earn high rankings for your website:

~ Create and maintain an attractive, well-designed website, professional in appearance and navigation

~ Post good quality content and add new content regularly
Google Search
~ Make certain that the content of your web pages is relevant to the topic or theme of your website

~ Build relevant backlinks from closely related websites

~ Ensure that the search engines can parse your pages. Basically, parsing is the way the search engines read and understand your website. Keeping the code on your site clean helps the process.

Initial reviews of Hummingbird seem to indicate that no major changes in the search results have occurred and no obvious concerns with the new algorithm have yet come to light. If you develop a good website and incorporate the recommended methods of search engine optimization, your ranking results should not be affected in a negative way.

The bottom line is that Hummingbird is designed to be more intuitive and should produce better results for the user. If you do your job well as a webmaster, you should experience positive results with the new search algorithm.

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