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Google recently introduced a new website analysis tool you can use to help optimize the content on your website. The new tool lets you instantly analyse your browser size, including what parts of your page are actually “above the fold.”

Many Internet Marketers are already using this tool to improve the positioning of their page elements and enhance their conversion rates. Among other features, it gives you an instant visualization of your actual web page, showing you which portions of your page are visible to which percentages of your visitors.

Google explains that the reason why this new tool is valuable is because “Visitors to websites are using an ever-growing number of devices,” and “For many people, the visible portion of the web page is much smaller than the screen resolution.”

You may be able to see your web page just fine on your own computer and in your usual browser, but not every visitor will see your page displayed the same way.

Google’s new browser-size website analysis tool will give you a very good idea of what most of your visitors actually see. Then, you can adjust your page elements, especially your content, to better serve their interests as well as your own conversion objectives.

Website Analysis ToolTo access this new feature, log in to Google Analytics, navigate to the Content section, and click In-Page Analytics.

For more information detailing exactly how this new feature works, read [New Feature]: Conduct Browser-Size Analysis Within Google Analytics, posted on the Google Analytics Blog.

The blog highlights the importance of positioning critical elements of your page where visitors will immediately see them without having to scroll down the page. In many cases, they may not actually scroll down, and if they don’t, they could miss an element that is key to the conversion process.

When you are logged in and are on the In-Page Analytics page, and when you click the Browser Size tab, it will shade the portions of your web page that are below the fold. The blog entry explains that when you click anywhere on the screen, you will see what percentage of visitors can see that section.

Several other analytic elements can also be employed quickly and easily. I recommend that you open the Analytics Blog in one window and log in to your Google Analytics account in another so you can refer to the blog to learn exactly how to use the Browser Size tool. It might take some trial and error to determine how it all works, but once you know, it is very easy and it is very interesting!

Website analytics are getting more detailed and precise as technology advances. This new website analysis tool from Google is a good resource to use. Log in and check out YOUR Browser Size specifics today.

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