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Website owners struggling just to get traffic, never mind conversions, may feel uncomfortable with today’s topic: the importance of website conversion optimization in getting higher search engine rankings.

It seems to me like another Catch-22 situation: you need conversions to help you get the rankings you need to get organic search engine traffic, but you need the traffic in order to generate those conversions. Which comes first?

It’s a tough business, this Internet Marketing. As a marketer, your goal is to get visitors to your website and then convert those visitors to buyers or subscribers or whatever your purpose is. …

Apparently, according to marketing analysts, website conversion optimization is only one step below on-page optimization in the value and importance of your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

On-page optimization is the most important factor. Other factors include relevant content, quality backlinks and positive social ranking elements, for example Facebook Likes, Twitter mentions and Google +1 clicks.

Conversion optimization is up there near the top.

Since search engines take into consideration the conversion rate on a website and use it as a high-value ranking factor, website owners must respond accordingly. Here are a few elements to consider:

Website Optimization~ Design your website to be professional in appearance and easy to navigate; make the information the visitor came looking for obvious or easy to find. Happy visitors are easier to convert.

~ Present the information in a professional, authoritative manner to gain confidence and trust. Visitors that trust you will be more likely to buy.

~ Make the purpose of each page clear and dedicated to a topic; focus the visitor’s attention on the action you want them to take; always include a clear call to action on key pages, for example, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe Today’, ‘Call us for more information’. Make it easy to take that action.

Most visitors are looking for answers or solutions to specific issues. Don’t confuse them with conflicting topics or potentially distracting design features. Keep your pages simple, focused, purposeful and easy to use.

Your purpose is to inform them, gain their confidence and encourage them to buy something, sign up for something or request more information. You have more control over this process than you may realize, but it takes thoughtful, purposeful planning to implement it effectively.

The more attention you give to the website conversion optimization process, the higher your conversions will be, the less overall traffic you will need and the more success you will experience with your search engine rankings. In a nutshell, that’s what Internet Marketing is all about!

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