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We all know there are numerous ways to make money online. Some are upright and respectable. Others can be dis-respectable. My choice is to grow a second income in a way that upholds my reputation while producing residual results.

I’m not saying my way is the only way or even the best way. I’m just saying that different Internet Marketing programs appeal to different people and you’ve got to find the one that is right for you.

I am also suggesting that you should be cautious about the program you choose because some may look legitimate, but when their dark side is eventually revealed you will get painted with the same brush. Remember, if that happens, you will have to answer to the family and friends who you got into that scheme. …

Do your best to choose an Internet income program that you can feel proud to promote and that is designed to last. That means one that has real products and services, real customers (besides affiliates and representatives), and real residual income potential.

In a minute, I will provide a brief overview of what I consider to be three main types of marketing plans.

But first, a few notes about my primary marketing plan of choice:

My choice is to grow a second income online is with the SFI Marketing Group. SFI is an Affiliate Marketing company.

Grow a Second IncomeFirst, you become an affiliate (free, with no purchase obligations now or ever).

Second, you market and promote SFI’s e-commerce shopping site ( and earn direct commissions from sales you make.

Third, you introduce other home business enthusiasts to the SFI affiliate opportunity and using the free training and marketing aids provided by SFI, you coach them on how to grow their own second income business.

That is my Internet Marketing plan of choice. As I follow the plan laid out by SFI, my team of affiliates is growing in numbers every month and my SFI income is developing as well.

Now, on to the types of marketing plans that I want to mention today:

Three Main Marketing Plan Types

1. Affiliate Marketing with residual income.

This type of plan allows you to introduce other affiliates into the business and rewards you with commissions based either on group activity or group volume, plus other bonuses. These are in addition to direct commissions from sales you make to customers.

The big advantage to this plan is that once you have a team of affiliates in your personal organization you can leverage your income potential through their efforts. Also, your income could potentially continue to grow and flow with or without your personal selling efforts.

The main challenge is building a team of active, committed affiliates and keeping them interested and motivated. So many marketers these days are looking for fast, easy money and are therefore transient; they don’t stick with anything long enough to build the foundation necessary to produce residual income.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Direct Sales

With this type of plan you are simply a salesperson. Your income is entirely dependent on sales you make to customers.

The advantage to this plan is that you are totally self-dependent. You don’t have to recruit other affiliates and you don’t have to train or coach them.

The disadvantage is that other than repeat sales to a customer, there is typically no residual income potential and no opportunity to leverage your efforts.

3. Forced Purchase and Multi-Level Selling

I want to be careful how I explain this one because I don’t want to discredit legitimate companies with legitimate products and the potential for sales to real customers.

What I do want to caution you about are plans with either no real product, or a thinly disguised product, where you are required to buy into it and you earn commissions based on getting other people to buy into it. These plans typically pay you for people who sign up through several levels or generations in your group.

These plans are not sustainable because they require ever-increasing numbers of new people to join the plan and are destined to collapse as a result. If you join and promote these types of plans and you get friends and family to join, you will eventually be embarrassed by the resulting collapse.

Most marketing plans that are available today fall under one of the above three categories. In my opinion, your best choice is an affiliate program that lets you sell real products to real customers and also lets you recruit new affiliates and earn commissions based on their purchase and sales efforts. However, personal purchases should always be optional, never mandatory.

Choose an Internet Marketing plan as you would any regular business. Choose one that you can feel proud to promote. Growing a second income is seldom quick and it does require vision, focus, dedication and commitment. Apply these qualities and you will be rewarded.

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