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Last January I wrote about how a new iPad Air 2 was coming my way, thanks to Member Rewards Points (MRP) earned at TripleClicks, the e-commerce shopping site. That iPad was a gift to myself.

Well, by May, just in time for Mother’s Day, I managed to accumulate enough MRP to purchase ANOTHER iPad, this time an Apple iPad Mini 3 as a gift for my dear wife. Imagine that? Two iPads in a matter of months.

Now, here we are in September and guess what? I’ve once again accumulated more than enough MRP to buy another mini (if we wanted another one), or if we want another iPad Air 2, I’m getting close to having enough to buy another one of those! …

But … why would I want another iPad? Well, the mini we bought (with MRP) for my wife was a test to find out if she would like the mini. If not, we would then save up for another full size unit.

So far, she is very happy with the convenience of the mini. That means it looks like we are going to have to use our MRP towards something else.

TripleClicks Member Rewards PointsUntil recently, TripleClicks members could use their MRP only for a short list of specific items listed in the Rewards center of the site. There definitely are some great items there besides the iPads. For example:

~ A variety of Kindle tablets

~ An Apple iPod

~ A Canon Digital Camera

~ Gold coins

~ A Samsung Galaxy Tab

~ An Oster Breadmaker

~ TripleClicks apparel

~ And a few more items!

Recently, however, TripleClicks approved the use of MRP for many other items in the online store, and that means thousands of possible items to use your MRP towards! At present, there are more than 84,000 products and services featured at TripleClicks. Items eligible for purchase with MRP are noted on the product description pages.

How to Earn Member Rewards Points

The TripleClicks site tells us that members earn 5 MRP for each bid on a Pricebenders™ auction, 5 MRP for every Pick-The-Price (PTP) contest entry, and 50 MRP each month as a WAVE3 program member. Additionally, members also earn MRP for every purchase at; this MRP value varies and appears on the right side of an eligible product’s details page.

At the moment, I haven’t decided what to use my MRP for next. One thing is for sure, my wife is happy with her iPad Mini 3, and I am happy with my iPad Air 2! Our joy is made all the more sweet by the fact that we received these awesome digital devices for the small cost of shipping only.

If you are not already a TripleClicks member, I encourage you to consider becoming one today. There is no cost or obligation, ever. And over time, you might pick up some great things with the Member Rewards Points that YOU accumulate!

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