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This is an update on the new Apple iPad Air auctions at Pricebenders that I told you about in my previous post. Well, the first auction launched on Sunday as promised and you’re not going to believe how quickly it ended!

The winner of the auction walked away with the first iPad Air (silver), valued at $499.00, for just $2.60!

That’s two dollars and sixty cents US funds for a brand new item! Friends, it could potentially have been yours (or mine!) for $2.61. …

But, as I have mentioned before, that’s how the auctions go sometimes at Pricebenders. Sometimes you get enthusiastic bidders who are determined to win and the auction could go on for hours, as it did with the new Apple MacBook Air that I wrote about here last week.

Sometimes, an auction goes quickly, if there aren’t many bidders, or if the bidders are not very aggressive or determined … or if they wait too long to place their bid and the auction ends before their bid gets registered!

Last week, I watched that MacBook Air auction periodically throughout the day and placed a few bids for it, but I wasn’t there when the auction ended at $194.32. That model retails at $999.00, so it was still quite a deal.
Pricebenders Penny Auctions
Yesterday’s iPad Air was another story! First of all, I had another commitment, so after watching the auction start and placing a bid or two, I had to leave. When I returned some time later, fully expecting the auction to still be running, it was over! It had ended at $2.60, and that must have been only minutes after I last checked it before leaving for my commitment.

That’s what I get for not being diligent! LOL

Anyway, there are plenty of ongoing penny auctions on a variety of other computers and electronic devices, and I am sure Pricebenders will have more iPad Air and MacBook Air auctions as time goes on, too.

Penny auctions aren’t for everybody, but for those who enjoy them if you are there at the right time and place your bids strategically, you just might win some awesome items for pennies on the dollar! I have had some success at Pricebenders. I know you can, too.

Check out the Pricebenders Penny Auctions information page for examples of recent auction items.

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Pricebenders Penny Auctions

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