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Most people enjoy the conveniences of technology, and many who do also like to keep up with the latest in technology. Even better is snagging some of those new devices for less-than-retail prices, even pennies on the dollar!

Now, at Pricebenders Penny Auctions, beginning on November 12, you can join in the fun and win a brand new Apple MacBook Air notebook computer. Imagine that!

I’m not saying that winning one of those babies is going to be easy. A LOT of people are going to be trying. But the truth is, I have seen a number of computers and electronic devices go for under 10 dollars in the auctions over the past year, and some electronic items for under one dollar, so winning a MacBook Air cheaply is entirely possible. …

The way the Pricebenders Auctions work is first, you become a member of the e-commerce shopping site. Membership is free and there is never any purchase obligation. Browse the site at your leisure, anytime you want, and only make purchases if you see things you want. You can also list and sell things at TripleClicks (TC), too.

Once you are a TC member, in order to participate in the Pricebenders auctions, you will need some “bidding credits”, called TCredits on the site. TCredits can be used for a variety of purposes, but let’s just focus on the auctions for now.

A variety of auctions are scheduled to start throughout the day, every day. The price for each auction item starts at zero and interested bidders pay one TCredit for each bid they place. For every bid that is placed, the auction price for the item goes up by one cent.

Each auction has an auction timer that counts down from a certain time. Every time a bid is placed, the timer goes back to the top and starts counting down again. As the auction goes on, the time interval can get shorter and shorter.

When the timer reaches zero without any new bids being placed, the person who placed the last bid wins that auction at whatever the closing price was; it could be anything from one cent to many dollars, depending on how many bidders are participating in that auction, and how determined they are.

Shipping for auction items is free, so the cost to win an item is simply the closing price of the auction plus the cost of the bids placed by the winning participant. I have won a few auctions with less than 10 bids. (I have also lost auctions after placing many more than 10 bids!)

To receive the item you won, pay for it through the secure onsite TripleClicks payment processor and once payment is confirmed, TC will ship it to you.

Now, if you like computers and like to keep up with current technology, imagine winning an Apple MacBook Air notebook computer! “All the power you want. All day long!”

Here are a few details about this computer:

~ 11.6-inch MacBook Air
Pricebenders Auctions | Apple MacBook Air~ Processor: 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) w/3 MB shared L3 cache
~ Storage: 128 GB flash storage
~ Memory: 4 GB of 1600 MHz LPDDR3 memory (maximum of 8 GB)
~ Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 internal graphics processor with 512 MB of GDDR5 memory

Additional information is available in the product listing at Pricebenders on the website.

Click here for more details about Pricebenders Penny Auctions.

Visit to browse around the site. Sign up as a member (it’s free) and then consider participating in the auctions. You will need to purchase some TCredits to do that, so click this link for details about the various TCredits packs available.

Do you see an Apple MacBook Air in your future? Pricebenders is one way you can latch onto one for just pennies on the dollar! Check it out.

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Pricebenders Penny Auctions

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