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I am a member of the TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site (where shopping isn’t the only exciting activity) and one of the benefits that I have been enjoying lately is the Member Rewards Points (MRP) program.

Over the past two months or so I have earned enough MRP to purchase four one-ounce silver bars. I have received three of them (see photo) and I just ordered the fourth one today.

It costs nothing to be a TripleClicks member and there are no purchase or activity requirements. If you are interested in Internet Marketing, you can join the SFI Marketing Group affiliate program (also no cost or obligation) and when you do, TripleClicks membership is automatically included. …

TripleClicks members earn MRP a variety of ways: buying things from the TripleClicks store; participating in a variety of games on the site; bidding in Pricebenders Auctions on the site; and joining the WAVE3 program where you help advertise and promote TripleClicks and earn MRP and other benefits in return.

All of these things are optional, totally your choice. But there are member rewards incentives that may inspire you to try to earn more MRP, faster! (Works for me, LOL!)

In addition to the one-ounce silver bars, you can choose to “spend” your MRP on a few dozen other items, like:
TripleClicks e-Commerce Shopping
~ Apple iPad Air
~ Apple iPad Mini (that’s next on MY list!)
~ Apple iPod Touch 16 GB
~ Kindle Fire HD
~ Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch Tablet
~ Kindle Paperwhite
~ Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7-inch)
~ Gold Coins
~ Oster ExpressBake Breadmaker
~ TripleClicks and SFI apparel
~ Magazine subscriptions (USA residents only)
~ And several other items!

I chose to use my MRP for silver bars partly because of the value of silver as a precious metal and partly because the bars make unique collectables, like coins or medallions.

But now that I have a few of them, I’ve got my eye on an iPad Mini. (I might wait until I have enough MRP for an iPad Air; I’ll see how long it takes me to “save up” for the Mini.)

The TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site has a lot to offer:
TripleClicks e-Commerce Shopping
~ Currently, more than 94,000 products and services
~ Members can sell their items in the store, too!
~ Participate in Games and Auctions
~ Participate in the monthly Music Contest (join as an artist, or vote for your fave)
~ And, of course, earn and SPEND Member Rewards Points!

You can become a member of TripleClicks (it’s free) and simply take advantage of the opportunities for Member Rewards Points highlighted above, or if you are into Internet Marketing, you can join the SFI Marketing Group as an affiliate and make money online promoting TripleClicks. It’s your choice.

Take a look at the TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site today.

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TripleClicks e-Commerce Shopping

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