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They say that the best way to learn something is to teach it, so since I am pretty much a Facebook newbie at this point, please indulge me while I share with you what little I know about Facebook Page marketing at this early stage.

I finally gave in and joined Facebook a few weeks ago at the prompting of several of my marketing friends and mentors. The convincing factor was the opportunity to sign up, create a “page” and use that page to market and promote my Home Business Resources website.

I still have some questions and concerns about the crossover between my main Facebook site and my new page, but I am sure it will become more clear as I get more experience with it all. For now, let me highlight a few recommended elements of marketing with Facebook pages. …

What I know about using “pages” to market your business on Facebook I have learned from a training module in the Affiliate Power Group (APG). The APG is a membership site where Internet Marketers can get mentoring, training, resources and other support.

The first step to Facebook Page marketing is becoming a Facebook member and setting up your account details. Follow the prompts, read through the guides, adjust your privacy settings to your liking and you will be ready to go.
Home Business Resources
Once this is done and while you are signed on to your account, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link to Create a Page. After clicking the link, you will be given some choices of what kind of page to create:

– Local Business or Place
– Company, Organization or Institution
– Brand or Product
– Artist, Band or Public Figure
– Entertainment
– Cause or Community

I chose Company, Organization or Institution for my Internet based home business and named the page Home Business Resources, the same as my website.

Next, click the page style, choose your category (I chose Small Business) and give your page a name. Then click the “Get Started” button.

You will then be given the options to upload a profile photo, enter a description of your page (be sure to enter your website URL in the appropriate field) and choose your Facebook Web address (this address cannot be changed once you go beyond this point).

Once done, click the “Like” button for your new page and then you will have the option to invite friends and set up email contacts. Make those choices or click the “skip” button.

On your new page, look for and click the “Edit Page” tab and then click the “Update Info” link. Fill in whatever details you want to at this time, click to save and that’s it! To see your page the way others see it, copy the URL, log out of your account and then paste the URL into your browser.

Now you can begin promoting your new page!

This has been a quick introduction to Facebook Page marketing. More info is available here: Learn About Facebook Pages. Oh, and one more thing: Please visit MY new Facebook Page and give it a Like!

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