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Okay, I admit that I am an Internet Marketer who has been slow to get on the Facebook bandwagon. But I am slowly warming up to it and I have found an awesome guide on how to use Facebook for marketing!

The resource is an eBook titled “Facebook Marketing, an Hour a Day.” I discovered this treasure while paging through all of the Internet Marketing eBooks on the TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site.

I bought the guide expecting it to be just another wimpy, skimpy, airy report dressed up to look like something more than it was and WOW, was I pleasantly surprised when I opened the download! …

The title is a bit misleading, though, because it suggests (to me, anyway) something quite brief. In reality, this is an expertly written and highly comprehensive guide that in my opinion is worth far more than the price it is currently being sold for.

Buy this great resource and you WILL get your money’s worth!

That is, if you truly want to know how to use Facebook for marketing.

Including the 12-page index, Facebook Marketing, an Hour a Day, has 291 pages filled with information, insight, advanced tactics and more.

The 10 chapters of the eBook cover everything from The Humble Beginnings of Social Marketing and the Emergence of Social Networks, to Social Networking and Social Media Defined, to Viral Marketing, Defining Your Facebook Presence, Your Facebook To-Do List, a detailed four-month action plan, getting started, determining and executing your Content Strategy, learning the basics of Facebook Advertising, and integrating your efforts with Multichannel Marketing.

Chapter 8 leads you through the basics of Customized Experiences via Facebook Applications.

Chapter 9 takes an inside look at the Analytics of Facebook.

Chapter 10 examines some of the Organizational Considerations when using Facebook.

Appendix A includes some final tips and a few additional resource recommendations.

Appendix B considers the future of Facebook, with thoughts from several industry insiders.

I have only just begun to skim through this great resource, but I am impressed with the presentation style, the quality of the writing, the depth of insight provided and the thoroughness of the information.

I fully recommend “Facebook Marketing, an hour a Day” as an ideal resource for Internet Marketers of all experience levels. You will be informed, educated, enlightened and inspired!

Find out how to use Facebook for marketing now. Visit the information page for more details, order the eBook confidently from the TripleClicks e-commerce store and then prepare to enjoy and prosper!

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